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  • GABRIEL, Charles A., Papers. 1928 - 1986

    Unk cu. ft.Call Nos. 168.7267, 168.7267-1 through 131IRIS Nos. 1095748 through 1095880, 48000127, and 48000128General Gabriel was born in Lincolnton, North Carolina. He attended Catawba College in Salisbury, North Carolina for two years before entering the United States Military Academy at West

  • GAFFNEY, Dale Vincent Papers (1939-1950)

    3.5 cu ftCall No. 168.7108IRIS No. 1028986-1029098Brigadier General. USAF, 1917-1950.Born in Methuen, MA. Air Corps Tactical School, 1936; Command and General Staff School, 1938. Served to grade of Private First Class, Aviation Section, Signal Corps, 1917-1918; commissioned Second Lieutenant, Air

  • GAMBONINI, Paul B. Papers (1942)

    .01 cu ft Call No. SQ-FI-17-SU-RE-D IRIS No. 0055793 Major. USAAF, 17th Fighter Squadron, 1942. Personal papers relating to Gambonini's World War II service. Includes excerpts from a diary kept by then Second Lieutenant Gambonini while serving in the Netherlands East Indies with the 20th and 17th

  • GARDNER, Grandison Papers (1918-1971)

    4 cu ftCall No. SQ-FI-17-SU-RE-DIRIS No. 126157-126225, 1016639Major General. USAF, 1917-1954.Born in Pine Valley, UT. BS, Utah Agricultural College, 1914; MS, MIT, 1928. Air Service Communications School, 1921; Air Corps Engineering School, 1927; Air Corps Tactical School, 1933. Commissioned Second

  • GENTRY, T.C. Papers (1943-1945)

    .3 cu ft Call No. 862.740, 862.7402-1 IRIS No. 0268926, 029933 Colonel. Medical Corps, Fourteenth Air Force. Official papers relating to Gentry's assignment as Surgeon, Fourteenth Air Force in China. Includes official correspondence(1943-1945).

  • GEORGE, Harold Lee Papers (1943-1946)

    .5 cu ftCall No. 168.7107IRIS No. 1028861-1028871Lieutenant General. USAAF, 1917-1946.Born in Somerville, MA. LLB, National U, 1920; Doctor of Aeronautical Science, Pennsylvania Military College, 1943. Air Corps Tactical School, 1932; Command and General Staff School, 1937. Commissioned Second

  • GILLEM, Alvan C., II (Lt. General)

    Call No.: K239.0512-232 IRIS No.: 00904120 C.1/01015367 C.2/01015368 C.3 IRIS Tape No.: no tape Accessibility: OPEN Pages/Time: 25 pp/No tape Class: U Date/Location: 18 August 1969/Anderson AFB, Guam Interviewers: Dr. Robert R. Kritt Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection Topics: (1965-1968) Oral

  • GILLEM, Alvan Cullom II Papers (1968-1970)

    .1 cu ftCall No. 168.7046IRIS No. 127306-127307Lieutenant General. USAF, 1941-1972.Born in Nogales, AZ. BS, United States Military Academy, 1940. Command and General Staff School, 1943; Air Command and Staff School, 1948; Air War College, 1954. Served to grade of Private, Coast Artillery Corps,

  • GLAMM, Arthur C. Papers (1943-1945)

    .3 cu ft Call No. 168.7078 IRIS No. 1023957-1023964 Officer, 831st Bomb Squadron, 485th Bomb Group, 1943-1945. Personal and official papers relating to Glamm's World War II service in Italy, 1944-1945. Includes a collection of photographs, amps and navigation charts as well as a brochure on USAAF

  • GLICK, Nathan Papers (1942-1944)

    .05 cu ft Call No. 533.08-5 IRIS No. 00232346 Staff Sergeant. USAAF, 354th Fighter Group. Personal papers relating to Glick's USAAF service. Includes a collection of photographs and drawings by Glick of various officers and enlisted of the 354th Fighter Group as well as aircraft, civilians and an