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  • SAGE, Rex (Colonel USA), et al

    Call No.: K239.0512-151 IRIS No.: 00903974 IRIS Tape No.: none Accessibility: OPEN Pages/Time: 20pp/0:26 Class: U Date/Location: 23 August 1968/South Vietnam Interviewers: Unknown Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection Topics: (1968) Colonel Sage with Lt. Col. Charles E. Harrison, Major Anthony

  • SALLICK, GEORGE Papers. 1954

    .02 cu ft Call No. SQ-FI-19-SU-PE (November - December 1941) Major. USAAF, 19th Fighter Squadron, 1941. Personal papers relating to Sallick's military service during WWII. Includes a narrative by Sallick who was serving as Flight Chief of the 19th Fighter Squadron before and shortly after the attack

  • SALSMAN, JOHN GEORGE Papers. 1914-1932

    .09 cu ft Call No. 168.67 IRIS Nos. 125292-125294 (1899-1978). Colonel. USAF, 1923-1953. Born 9 April 1899, Milwaukee, WI. BS, United States Military Academy, 1923. Air Service Balloon and Airship School, 1924; Air Service Technical School, 1925; Air Corps Tactical School, 1940. Served to grade of

  • SAUNDERS, Alan W. (Major)

    Call No.: K239.0512-168 IRIS No.: 00904005 IRIS Tape No.: 00904006 Accessibility: OPEN Pages/Time: 57pp/1:05 Class: U Date/Location: 1 July 1964/South Vietnam Interviewers: Unknown Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection Topics: (1963-1964) Oral history interview with Major Alan W. Saunders, 2d

  • SAVILLE, GORDON PHILIP Papers. 1920-1951

    .25 cu ft Call No. 168.7044 IRIS Nos. 1040015-1040027 (1902-1984). Major General. USAF, 1926-1951. Born 14 September 1902, Macon, GA. Air Corps Tactical School, 1934; Command and General Staff School, 1939. Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Infantry Reserve, November 1923; Flying Cadet, 1926-1927;

  • SCANLON, MARTIN FRANCIS Papers. 1937-1967

    .35 cu ft Call No. 168.606 IRIS Nos. 1031051-1031054 (1889-1980). Brigadier General. USAF, 1916-1948. Born 11 August 1889, Scranton, PA. Signal Corps Aviation School, 1916 (Aero Club of America Land Plane Pilot Certificate No. 591, September 1916); Air Service Engineering School, 1923; Air Corps

  • SCHLATTER, DAVID MYRON Papers. 1923-1958

    .87 cu ft Call No. 168.7052 IRIS Nos. 1001353-1001368 (1901-1973). Lieutenant General. USAF, 1923-1957. Born 21 November 1901, Fostoria, OH. BS, United States Military Academy, 1923. Air Corps Tactical School, 1937; Command and General Staff School, 1939; Army and Navy Staff College, 1943. Career

  • SCHMID, JOHN JR. (Major)

    Call No.: K239.0512-003 IRIS No.: 00903716 IRIS Tape No.: 00903717 Accessibility: OPEN Pages/Time: 22pp/0:31 Class: U Date/Location: August 1967/Maxwell AFB AL Interviewers: Major Harry Shallcross Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection Topics: (1966-1967) Oral history interview with Major John

  • SCHNEIDER, Carl G. (Major)

    Call No.: K239.0512-277IRIS No.: 00904195IRIS Tape No.: no tapeAccessibility: OPENPages/Time: 12pp/no tapeClass: UDate/Location: 2 June 1963/Tan Son Nhut AB, South VietnamInterviewers: Joseph W. GraingerSource: Project CORONA HARVEST CollectionTopics:(1962-1963) Oral history interview with Major

  • SCHULTZ, WALTER GUSTAVE Papers. 1911-1946

    .20 cu ft Call No. 168.7073 IRIS Nos. 1021528-1021534 (1895-1946). Major. Air Reserve, 1917-1930; USAAF, 1942-1946. Born 31 August 1895, Seguin, TX. Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Aviation Section, Signal Officer Reserve Corps, November 1917; reappointed Captain, Air Corps, March 1942. Career