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  • Global Cyberspace Integration Center (USAF)

    Lineage: Constituted as Air and Space Command and Control Agency on 15 Jul 1997. Activated on 1 Aug 1997. Redesignated: Aerospace Command and Control Agency on 15 Sep 1998; Aerospace Command and Control & Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Center on 9 Feb 1999; Air Force Command and

  • GODDARD, George William Jr. Papers (1917-1969)

    .25 cu ft Call No. 168.7156 IRIS No. 1037119-1037121 (1889-1987). Brigadier General. USAF, 1917-1953. Born 15 June 1889, Tunbridge Wells, England. Keuka Institute, 1909-1911. Officers School in Aerial Photography, US School of Military Aeronautics, Cornell U, 1918. Private, Aviation Section, Signal

  • GOFORTH, Pat E. (Colonel)

    Call No.: K239.0512-391IRIS No.: 00904383IRIS Tape No.: n/aAccessibility: OPENPages/Time: 20pp/No tapeClass: UDate/Location: 5 January 1970/UnknownInterviewers: UnknownSource: Project CORONA HARVEST CollectionTopics:(1965-69) Oral history interview with Colonel Goforth, Chief, Target and Plans

  • GOODIER, Lewis Edward Papers (1861-1957)

    .25 cu ft, 5 audio tapes Call No. 168.7105 IRIS No. 1026133-1026137 (1885-1961). Lieutenant Colonel. Air Corps, 1912-1932. Born 5 August 1885, Utica, NY. BS, Georgia School of Technology, 1908. Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Coast Artillery Corps and served to grade of First Lieutenant, 1908-1912;

  • GOODWIN, R.B. Papers (1941-1944)

    .1 cu ft Call No. 805.615B IRIS No. 0264148 First Lieutenant, Royal New Zealand Navy, 1941-1944. Official and personal papers relating to Goodwin's capture, imprisonment and escape during World War II. Includes a vivid description of life in Shamshuipo, prisoner of war camp at Hong Kong and an

  • GORDON, Virgil C. Papers (1970-1976)

    .6 cu ft Call No. 168.7170 IRIS No. 1040028-1040043 (1899-1977). Colonel. USAAF, 1941-1946. Born 27 January 1899, El Paso, TX. Commissioned Officer Reserve Corps, September 1918. Entered active duty, USAAF, July 1941. Active duty career assignments include: Commander, A-4, Ground Support Command, HQ

  • GRAF, Edward A. (Major)

    Call No.: K239.0512-83 IRIS No.: 00903865 IRIS Tape No.: 00903866 Accessibility: OPEN Pages/Time: 26pp/0:30 Class: U Date/Location: 8 November 1968/Unknown Interviewer: Unknown Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection Topics: (1967) Oral history interview with Major Edward Graf, photo squadron

  • GRASHIO, Samuel Papers (1942)

    .05 cu ft Call No. SQ-FI-21-SU-RE (4 March 1942) IRIS No. 0055845 Captain. USAAF, 21st Pursuit Squadron, 1942. Personal papers relating to Grashio's World War II service. Includes four short narratives written by Grashio on the Bataan Death March. Related materials located elsewhere in the Document

  • GREENBAUM, Walter W. Papers (1944)

    .05 cu ft Call No. SQ-AB-361-SU (1944) IRIS No. 00040144 Corporal. USAAF, 361st Air Base Squadron, Thirteenth Air Force, 1944. Personal papers relating to Greenbaum's World War II service. Includes a collection of songs, poems, and plays written by Greenbaum while serving with the Special Services