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  • DABNEY, James F. (Captain USA)

    Call No.: K239.0512-149 IRIS No.: 00903971 IRIS Tape No.: 00903972 Accessibility: OPEN Pages/Time: 47pp/0:45 Class: U Date/Location: 24 January 1969/Fort Benning GA Interviewers: Captain Richard B. Clement Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection Topics: (1967-1968) Oral history interview with

  • DARGUE, Herbert Arthur Papers (1862-1941)

    6.6 cu ft Call No. 168.7119 IRIS No. 1031221-1031315 (1886-1941). Brigadier General. USAAF, 1914-1941. Born 17 November 1886, Brooklyn, NY. BS, United States Military Academy, 1911. Air Service Engineering School, 1920; Command and General Staff School, 1924; Army War College, 1929; Naval War

  • DARKEL, Richard N. (Master Sergeant)

    Call No.: K239.0512-308IRIS No.: 00904248IRIS Tape No.: 00904249Accessibility: OPENPages/Time: 15 pp/0:25Class: UDate/Location: Unknown/UnknownInterviewers: Lt. Colonel Ian R. LittleSource: Project CORONA HARVEST CollectionTopics:(1962-1964) Oral history interview with MSgt Richard Darkel, photo

  • DAVIDSON, Jay P. (Captain USA)

    Call No.: K239.0512-109 IRIS No.: 00903903 IRIS Tape No.: 00903904 Accessibility: OPEN Pages/Time: 24pp/0:42 Class: U Date/Location: 21 January 1969/Fort Benning GA Interviewers: Major Samuel E. Riddlebarger Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection Topics: (1967-1968) Oral history interview with

  • DAVIES, Isaiah Papers (1913-1946)

    .5 cu ft Call No. 168.7065 IRIS No. 1016117-1016128 (1890-1976). Brigadier General. USAF, 1917-1949. Born 12 July 1890, Columbus, KS. Air Service Tactical School, 1924. Served to grade of Sergeant First Class, Infantry and Aviation Section, Signal Corps, 1912-1917; commissioned First Lieutenant,

  • DAVIES, John/James Hubert Papers (1940-1977)

    .2 cu ft Call No. 168.7081 IRIS No. 1022468-1022470 (1903-1976). Major General. USAF, 1929-1957. Born 25 October 1903, Piedmont, CA. AB, U of California, 1928. Air Corps Tactical School, 1939; Air War College, 1947; National War College, 1949. On 30 November 1951 General Davies legally changed his

  • DAVIS, William C. (Colonel)

    Call No.: K239.0512-235 IRIS No.: not available IRIS Tape No.: 00904125 Accessibility: OPEN Pages/Time: no transcript/1:03 Class: U Date/Location: 20 November 1969/Unknown Interviewers: Captain Richard B. Clement Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection Topics: (1968-1969) Oral history interview

  • Dean of Faculty (USAFA)

    Lineage.  Constituted as Dean of Faculty, a named unit, on 30 Sep 1994.  Activated on 31 Oct 1994.  Gained establishment status on 3 Jun 2019. Assignments.  United States Air Force Academy, 31 Oct 1994-.Stations.  USAF Academy, CO, 31 Oct 1994-. Service Streamers.  None.Campaign Streamers. 

  • DEICHELMANN, Matthew Kemp Papers (1945-1973)

    1.7 cu ft Call No. 168.7059 IRIS No. 1008421-1008473 (1905-1989). Major General. USAF, 1941-1959. Born 24 December 1905, Binghamton, NY. BS, United States Military Academy, 1927. Air Corps Tactical School, 1939; National War College, 1950. Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Coast Artillery Corps, June

  • DILGER, Robert G., (Major)

    Call No.: K239.0512-202 IRIS No.: 00904060 C.1/00904061 C.2 IRIS Tape No.: 00904062 Accessibility: OPEN Pages/Time: 35pp/0:34 Class: U Date/Location: 6 July 1967/Da Nang AB, South Vietnam Interviewers: Unknown Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection Topics: (1967) Oral history interview with Major