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  • CABELL, Charles Pearre Papers (1925-1963)

    .27 cu ft, one reelnegative microfilmCall Nos. 168.7026, 33080IRIS Nos. 1025177-1025183General. USAF, 1930-1962. Born in Dallas, TX. BS, United States Military Academy, 1925. Air Corps Tactical School, 1939; Command and General Staff School, 1940; Army and Navy Staff College, 1943. Commissioned

  • CALDARA, Joseph D. Croft Papers (1954-1968)

    .17 cu ftCall No. 168.7140IRIS Nos. 1036998-1037004Major General. USAF, 1931-1964. Born in Fairmont, WV. BA, U of Maryland, 1931. Air War College, 1947; National War College, 1950. Flying Cadet, 1931-1932; commissioned Second Lieutenant, Air Reserve, October 1932. Career assignments include: various

  • CALL, Lee R. Croft Papers (1943)

    .05 cu ft Call No. SQ-TR-CARR-36-SU-RE-D (January-December 1943) IRIS No. 000739595 Second Lieutenant. USAAF, 1943. Duty assignments include: Pilot, 36th Troop Carrier Squadron. Personal papers relating to Call's World War II service as a pilot with the 36th Troop Carrier Squadron in North Africa.

  • CAMPISI, Vincent R. (Captain)

    Call No.: K239.0512-296IRIS No.: 00904223IRIS Tape No.: n/aAccessibility: OPENPages/Time: 4 pp/no tapeClass: UDate/Location: 4 May 1970/Fort Campbell KYInterviewers: UnknownSource: Project CORONA HARVEST CollectionTopics:(1968-1969) Oral history interview with Captain Vincent Campisi, combat control

  • CANDEE, Robert Chapin Papers (1921-1932)

    .12 cu ftCall No. 167.605IRIS No. 00121415Brigadier General. USAF, 1922-1952. Born in Hinsdale, IL. AB, Cornell U, 1915. Air Corps Tactical School, 1927; Command and General Staff School, 1928; Army War College, 1936; Naval War College, 1937. Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Cavalry, November 1916,

  • CANNON, John Kenneth Papers (1935-1946)

    5.42 cu ftCall No. 168.6007IRIS Nos. 00123842-00123885General. USAF, 1921-1954. Born in Salt Lake City, UT. BS, Utah Agricultural College, 1914. Air Corps Tactical School, 1936; Command and General Staff School, 1937. Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Infantry Section, Officer Reserve Corps, November

  • CAPRONI, Gianni Count Di Taliedo Papers (1913-1970)

    4.1 cu ftCall Nos. 168.66-1 through 5 and 168.66-7 through 9, 168.661-1 through 168IRIS Nos. 125112 through 125291, 1140103Caproni was an Italian aircraft engineer and builder. He was born in Trentino, Italy,  and died in Italy. The Count designed and built several World War I and World War II

  • CAREY, Edwin F. Papers (1918)

    .02 cu ftCall No. 167.608IRIS No. 00121425Major. Air Corps, 1917-1938. Born New York. Served to grade of Private, Cavalry, National Guard (NY), 1916-1917; commissioned Second Lieutenant, Aviation Section, Signal Officer Reserve Corps, November 1917. Career assignments include: various duties as a

  • CARL, Myron L. Papers (1942-1948)

    .25 cu ft Call No. 168.7139 IRIS Nos. 1032939-1032943 First Lieutenant. USAAF, 1944-1945. Career assignments include: duty with 725th Bomb Squadron and 451st Bomb Group. Personal papers accumulated by Carl. Includes Carl's correspondence with his parents while in military service (1944-1945), as

  • CARPENTER, Charles Irving Papers (1936-1960)

    .55 cu ftCall No.168.7110IRIS Nos. 1027935-1027942Chaplin (Major General). USAF, 1949-1960. Born in Wilmington, DE. BA, Bucknell U, 1927; BD, Drew Theological Seminary, 1931; STD, Boston U, 1950. Commissioned First Lieutenant, Chaplain Corps, May 1936 and served to grade of Colonel, 1936-1949;