Oral History Catalogue in the AFHRA

Oral History Guide by Dr. Forrest Marion

Oral history interview entries in the AFHRA collection are listed in numerical sequence. The entry includes the full name of the principal along with rank and service if given and immediately thereafter is the oral history's call number. The entry contains information concerning the accessibility, pages and time of the interview and its classification. Following this is the date and place of the interview, the name of the person(s) conducting the interview and the source for the material. The topic entry is last, giving the details of the interview itself. Some of the interviews are accessible only under certain conditions and are so noted. 

Users of the transcripts listed are cautioned that some interviews are security classified and some have caveats imposed by the interviewees that must be honored. These transcripts are the personal recollections of the interviewees and only minor emendations for the sake of clarity have been made with no attempt to confirm the historical accuracy of the statements. Any requests to consult this material should be directed to: 

Archives Branch, Air Force Historical Research Agency 
600 Chennault Circle 
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6424


Oral History Catalogue at the AFHRA - Alphabetical

K239.512-001 - K239.0512-100

JACOBY, JACKIE L. (Captain) 
CLARK, PERRY G. (Captain) 
FLUCK, Roland R. (Major) 
WEAVER, Kenneth L. (Major) 
VALEN, Richard D. (Captain) 
SMITH, Howell W. (Major) 
BALLANTYNE, James I. (Major) 
McLAMB, Estel W. (MAJOR) 
BETTS, Richard L. (Major) 
PECKMAN, Dale B. (Major) 
HOSLEY, David L. (Captain) 
SIPPLE, Garryl C. (Captain) 
MIZE, Lee (Major) USA 
HIRSCH, Charles O. (Lt. Colonel) 
SHAW, Ward C. (Major) 
VAN GILDER, William S. (Lt. Colonel) 
FIPPEN, John W. (Lt. Colonel) 
WARNDORF, James P. (Col) 
LUCAS, Charles W. (Colonel) 
HOLUBEC, Melton G. (Major) 
GRAF, Edward A. (Major) 
COX, George P. (Colonel) 
BALNIC, Ralph (Colonel) 
BURGESS, Jackie D. (Captain)

K239.512-101 - K239.0512-200

EGENMAIER, Ralph G. (Major, USA) 
DAVIDSON, Jay P. (Captain USA) 
STEPHENSON, Gil (Lt. Colonel, USA) & HICKS, Robert L (Captain USA) 
LOFTIN, Dean R (Captain USA) 
FRITSCHE, Donald J., Jr. (Major USA) & KLEIN, Frank W., Jr. (Captain USA) 
WARE, Thomas A. (Colonel USA) 
CLARK, Daniel D. (Major USA) 
WALDROP, Max L. (Lt. Colonel USA)
BENSBERG, Robert T. (1st Lt. USA) 
CONOVER , Kenneth R. (Major USA) 
JESMER, David G. (Major USA) 
PARKER, E. L. (Lt. Colonel USMC)
DABNEY, James F. (Captain USA) 
SAGE, Rex (Colonel USA), et al 
ANTHIS, Rollen H. (Major General)
NEAL John G. (Colonel) et al
OLDS, Robin (Colonel) 
HARRISON, Stephen E. (Major) 
SMITH, Franklin L (Lt. Colonel USMC) 
SAUNDERS, Alan W. (Major)
TOLMAN, Frederick G. (Major) 
BROCK, John W. (Colonel)
FORTNEY, Alvin R. (Colonel)
ALEXANDER, Jim V. (Colonel)
EVANS, Donald L. (Lt. Colonel)
NEWSOME, Ben M.D. (Colonel)
GUNTER, Lester E. (Colonel)
RILLING, Robert G. (Lt. Colonel) 
MOORE, Winston E. (Colonel)
LINDQUESTER, David M. (Colonel)
FREMOUW, Gerrit D. (Colonel)
JACOBSON, Hilding L. (Colonel) 
HANSEN, Carleton V. (Colonel) 
TYLER, Morgan S. Jr. (Brigadier General) 
STEWART, John R. Jr. (Major) 
KONCZ, Carlton J. (Colonel)
HUTCHISON, Charles L. (Major) 
LUEKER, Rano E. (Major) 
CLARK, Albert P., Jr. (Captain)

K239.512-201 - K239.0512-300

HAGERSTROM, James P. (Colonel)
DILGER, Robert G., (Major)
BAKKE, Samuel O. (Major) 
MACKELLER, Donald V. (Captain) 
Kirk, William L. (Major) 
LEATHAM, Dale W. (Major) and MIDDLETON, James (Major) 
LAFOND, Roger A. (Major) 
HEI, James (Master Sergeant)
BLANCHARD, William H. (General) 
KELLOCK, Robert E. (Captain) 
LANSDALE, Edward G. (Major General)
QUOC, VInh, (Captain) VNAF 
OLDS, Robin (Brigadier General) 
WEST, Charles B. (Major) 
CASE, Charles W. (Captain)
BLAKE, Charles R (Lt. Colonel) 
WATTS, James D. (Captain) 
LOAN, Nguyen Ngoc (Major General) 
JONES, David C. (Lt. General) 
ABRAMS, Creighton (General USA) 
GILLEM, Alvan C., II (Lt. General) 
WESTMORELAND, William C. (General USA) 
WESTMORELAND, William C. (General USA)
DAVIS, William C. (Colonel)
HENDERSON, Charles D. (Captain) & MAXSON, Edwin R. (Captain)
ANTHIS, Rollen H. (Major General)
MOORE, Joseph H. (Lt. General)
EDELEN, Henry H. Jr. (Colonel)
CARWILE, Elford C. (Major)
ROWE, James N. (Major USA) 
CLARKE, Colin A. (Captain) 
FASS, Alfred W. (Major) et al 
CLEMENT, Richard B. (Major) 
THOMPSON, Robert (Sir)
BERNERT, George W (Major) 
BLOOD, Gordon F. (Major General) 
WILLIAMS, Samuel T. (Lt. General USA) 
McLAUGHLIN, Burl W. (Major General) 
MOORE, William G. Jr. (General)
THOMPSON, Robert (Sir) 
THOMPSON, Robert (Sir) 
DOYLE, Miles M., (Lt. Colonel) 
VALLENTINY, Edward (Captain) 
TRUMBO, Charles E, Jr. (Lt. Colonel)
BELLEMARE, Edmond R. (Major) 
KEBELMAN, Frank L., Jr. (Major) 
SCHNEIDER, Carl G. (Major) 
ARTLEY, John C., (Captain) 
TOWNER, Harwood D. (Captain) 
Zealand, R. Walter (Major) 
RUHMAN, Bryant L. (Captain) 
MEYERS, Gilbert L. (Major General) 
RIDDLEBARGER, Samuel E. (Major) 
OPFELL, Ronald N. (Lt. Colonel) 
MAYES, Archie S. (Colonel) 
Reinhardt, G. Frederick (Ambassador) 
Reitz, William G. (Lt. Colonel) 
ABCCC Controllers--Two USAF Lieutenant Colonels 
CAMPISI, Vincent R. (Captain) 
HODDINOTT, Robert H. (Captain)

K239.512-301 - K239.0512-400

BUHL Paul C. (Captain) 
DARKEL, Richard N. (Master Sergeant) 
ENNY, James C (Lt. Colonel) 
KOPAK, Herman W. (Mr.) 
FOUNTAIN, Marcel E. (Colonel) 
HEALY, Warren R. (Colonel) 
HOLSAPPLE, Bobby D. (Technical Sergeant), et al. 
LOWN, Franklin D. Jr. (Colonel) 
STARIE, Richard H. (Technical Sergeant) 
Taylor, Lawrence M. , Jr. (Lieutenant) 
Williams, John M (Mr.) 
WALTER, Alonzo J. , Jr. (Colonel) 
GROSS, Frederick R., Jr. (Mr.) 
BEAL, Charles E. (Mr.) 
BROWN, Louis C., Jr. (Captain)
KAJIWARA, Etsue, Mr. 
KUPSICK, John A. (Lt. Colonel) 
LAMBERT, Robert E. (Lt. Colonel) 
LUNGAARD, Jack P. (Captain) 
MARTIN, Frank S. (Captain) 
STRINGER, W. L. (Colonel); PETTIJOHN, J.C. (Major); COLVIN (Colonel) et.al. 
VALOIS, Rudolph J. (1st Lieutenant)
WARREN, Howard E., (CWO-4) 
LORCH, Kendall G (Major) 
SWEET, Harold L. (Lt. Colonel) 
LYNN, Roy H., Jr. (Major) 
IFLAND, Jimmy A. (Major) 
BROWN, George S. (General) 
DULEVITZ, Alexander R. (Captain) 
ESTES, Albert W. (Captain) 
BOWEN, Christopher (Lt. Colonel); ESTES, Albert W. (Captain)
FOX, George C. (Lt. Colonel USMC) 
BROWN, George S. (General) 
Abrams, Creighton, Jr., (General) (USA) 
BROWN, Bruce (Major) 
ERLER, Robert C., Jr. (Captain) 
MORROW, Samuel E. Jr. (SMSgt) 
KIMBALL, Mark D. (Captain) 
DIXON, Robert J (Lt. General) 
LIECHTY, Herschel H. (Lt. Colonel) 
AUSTIN, William F. (Lt. Colonel)
GOFORTH, Pat E. (Colonel)
NORRIS, William C. (Colonel)
MORSS, Marvin N. (Colonel)

K239.512-401 - K239.0512-500

HARRIS, Hunter, Jr. (General) 
SCUDERI, Richard (Major) 
SHARP, U.S. Grant (Admiral, USN)
FOWLE, Bernard H., (Lt. Colonel) 
LUX, Kenneth M., (Mr.) 
KENNEDY, Thomas B., (Colonel) 
WOODWORTH, William C., (Lt. Colonel) 
STRONG, Earl W., (Lt. Colonel)