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  • F-35 Partner Support Complex (ACC)

    Lineage.  Constituted as F-35 Partner Support Complex on 13 Apr 2016.  Activated on 11 May 2016. Assignments.  53 Electronic Warfare Group, 11 May 2016; 350 Spectrum Warfare Group, 25 Jun 2021-. Stations.  Eglin AFB, FL, 11 May 2016-. Service Streamers.  None.Campaign Streamers.  None.Armed Forces

  • FAIRBROTHER, William Herman Papers (1921-1970)

    1.2 cu ftCall No. 168.7054IRIS No. 1002326-1002382Brigadier General. USAF, 1944-1974.Born in Endicott, NY. BS, United States Military Academy, 1944. Royal Air Force Flying College, 1957; Air War College, 1961. Career assignments include: various duties as company and field grade officer, 1944-1964;

  • FAIRCHILD, Muir Stephen Papers (1918-1950)

    5.8 cu ftCall No. 168.7001IRIS No. 0125458-0125598General. USAF, 1917-1950.Born in Bellingham, WA. U of Washington, 1913-1917. Air Service Engineering School, 1923; Air Corps Engineering School, 1929; Air Corps Tactical School, 1935; Army Industrial College, 1936; Army War College, 1937. Served to

  • FARMAN, Ivan Lonsdale Papers (1929-1957)

    1 cu ftCall No. 168.7226IRIS No. 00896472Brigadier General. Air Reserve, 1929; USAF, 1930-1957.Born in Oakland, CA. BS, 1926; MS, 1939; California Institute of Technology. Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Air Reserve, 1929. Career assignments include: various duties as company and field grade

  • FASS, Alfred W. (Major) et al

    Call No.: K239.0512-253 IRIS No.: not available IRIS Tape No.: 00904155 Accessibility: OPEN Pages/Time: No transcript/0:57 Class: U Date/Location: 1968/Andersen AFB, Guam Interviewers: Unknown Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection Topics: (1965-1968) Oral history interview with Major Alfred W.

  • FAULKNER, Cecil Papers (1942)

    .01 cu ft Call No. 742.306-1 IRIS No. 0260389 Captain. USAAF, 31st Bombardment Squadron, 5th Bombardment Group, 1942. Official papers relating to Faulkner's World War II service. Includes details of air actions and maintenance difficulties with the B-17 used during a special mission flown out of

  • Field Operating Agencies

    A subdivision of the Air Force, directly subordinate to a HQ USAF functional manager. Field operating agencies (FOAs) perform field activities beyond the scope of any of the major commands. Their activities are specialized or associated with an Air Force wide mission. Below are presented the

  • Fifteenth Air Force (ACC)

    Lineage.  Established as Fifteenth Air Force on 30 Oct 1943.  Activated on 1 Nov 1943.  Inactivated on 15 Sep 1945.  Activated on 31 Mar 1946.  Redesignated as 15 Expeditionary Mobility Task Force on 1 Oct 2003. Inactivated on 20 Mar 2012.  Redesignated as Fifteenth Air Force on 30 Mar 2012. 

  • Fifth Air Force (PACAF)

    Lineage. Established as Philippine Department Air Force on 16 Aug 1941. Activated on 20 Sep 1941. Redesignated as: Far East Air Force on 28 Oct 1941; 5 Air Force on 5 Feb 1942; Fifth Air Force on 18 Sep 1942. Assignments. Philippine Department, U.S. Army, 20 Sep 1941; Southwest Pacific Area, 2 Nov

  • FIPPEN, John W. (Lt. Colonel)

    Call No.: K239.0512-066 IRIS No.: 00903822 IRIS Tape No.: 00903823 Accessibility: OPEN Pages/Time: 20pp/0:35 Class: U Date/Location: 12 November 1968/Unknown Interviewer: Major James S. Cassity, Jr. Sources: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection Topics: (1967-1968) Oral history interview with Lt.