FASS, Alfred W. (Major) et al

Call No.: K239.0512-253
IRIS No.: not available
IRIS Tape No.: 00904155
Accessibility: OPEN
Pages/Time: No transcript/0:57
Class: U
Date/Location: 1968/Andersen AFB, Guam
Interviewers: Unknown
Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection
(1965-1968) Oral history interview with Major Alfred W. Fass, aircraft commander; Captain Nash, copilot; Major Langford, radar navigator; Captain Starr, navigator; Captain Cooper, electronic warfare officer; Sergeant Smith, gunner--general discussion of B-52 operations: training, morale, early B-52 strikes in Southeast Asia (SEA) and current ones compared, bombing techniques, crew fatigue, individual crewmember responsibilities, resentment of crewmembers on third tours toward Strategic Air Command personnel yet to complete one SEA tour. Crew has 153 missions.