CAPRONI, Gianni Count Di Taliedo Papers (1913-1970)

4.1 cu ft

Call Nos. 168.66-1 through 5 and 168.66-7 through 9, 168.661-1 through 168

IRIS Nos. 125112 through 125291, 1140103

(1886 - 1957). Caproni was an Italian aircraft engineer and builder. He was born in Trentino, Italy on 3 July 1886 and died in Italy on 14 October 1957. The Count designed and built several World War I and World War II aircraft which included the first tri-motor plane and the first Italian Jet aircraft.

Caproni's personal papers collection include when he started his study and work in the area of aviation in 1908 and many of his "first." A few of his first are aircraft with three engines, jet-propelled aircraft in Italy, arming aircraft with torpedoes, provided first aircraft to Italian Army, supplied first bomber aircraft of World War I, and first to build concrete airfield. The collection holds many illustrations, diagrams, and photographs. Copies of pages from Caproni's diary (1913-1918) are incorporated as well as personal correspondence (1917-1953) with various U.S. military leaders and political figures. There is documentation pertaining to the role of Caproni aircraft in World War I, construction of Caproni aircraft in the United States, and innovation in bombardment aviation. Extensive communication with General Giulio Douhet (1912-1934) in respect to their ideas regarding the development of air power is recorded in this collection.

The originals are located in the Caproni di Taliedo Aeronautical Museum in Rome.