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Class Assembly in Basic Code   The Air Force Historical Research Agency publishes organizational records as a source of ready information for USAF historians, other researchers, and the general public.

-Guide to Air Force Heraldry (PDF)

-Guide to United States Air Force Lineage and Honors

-Air Force Heritage Pamphlet

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Heraldry, Lineage & Honors

Most of the sources used to prepare the lineage and honors entries are located in the document collection of the Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA) at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. The most important sources are the histories that Air Force organizations at all echelons periodically prepare and send to the Agency under the auspices of the Air Force History Program. The Agency maintains organizational record cards and emblem records as working papers to provide essential information. The Agency also collects indispensable primary source documents, including G-series special orders, operations plans and reports, organizational directories, Department of the Air Force manpower and organization numbered letters, and similar records. Unfortunately, even with all the available information, the historians could not always ascertain specific facts. These entries are subject to revision in the light of evidence that may be discovered or become available in the future.

Guide to Air Force Heraldry

Link to the complete Guide of Air Force Heraldry (PDF)

The original version of A Guide to Air Force Heraldry was written by William M. Russell of the USAF Historical Research Center and published in 1985. During the years that have elapsed since then, several Air Force regulations and instructions have been issued to aid Air Force organizations with the design, submission, and procurement of organizational emblems and flags. Most recently, the governing policy on Air Force heraldry, AFI 84-105, Organizational Lineage, Honors, and Emblems, has been revised with several changes made in Chapter 3, "Air Force Heraldry." Consequently, the Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA) which receives many requests for assistance and guidance in the creation of emblems, updated this guide to conform to the policy changes and to give the field historian greater guidance. Our success will be measured by the user's ability to develop design proposals meeting current Air Force requirements and the needs of the organization.

Dr. Daniel L. Haulman
Organizational History Division
Air Force Historical Research Agency
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6424

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