Airmen at War Introduction

Airmen at War

On November 16, 2007, the Air Force History and Museums Program (AFHMP) began developing a seven-volume history of U.S. Air Force activities following operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm (DS/DS, 1990-91) with a focus on the USAF contributions to the Global War on Terror.  The original plan called for organizing and posting electronically some 40 chapters (covering the post-DS/DS 1990s, operations Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom), all of which were intended to be “works in progress, the first steps toward the final goal of publishing unclassified, official histories of USAF operations during this time period.”  The project came to be known as Airmen at War (A@W).  On June 1, 2015, the AFHMP began an Airmen at War (A@W) revitalization effort to revise selected chapters and, along with additional historical pieces (published articles, conference papers, etc.) authored by USAF historians and scholars closely affiliated with USAF history, to post them on the homepage of the Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA).  Some, but not all, of these newer pieces are relevant to the Global War on Terror, but all of them address some aspect of USAF activities from the post-DS/DS 1990s through approximately 2011.  Because of the addition of more than twenty special topics pieces that were not part of the original plan, we have moved away from the original chapter/volume structure in favor of a roughly chronological organization.  The initial results of this revitalized A@W project are available via the links now before you on the AFHRA homepage. 

Airmen at War Articles

The Battle of Ra's Al-Khafji and the Effects of Air Power January 29 - February 1, 1991, Part I and II by Dr. William P. Head (Part I: Air Power History/Spring 2013; Part II: Air Power History/Summer 2013). 24 Pages, 1 MB

The Victor by Perry D. Jamieson (revised 8 Dec 2015). 10 Pages, 140 KB

A Reorganized Air Force by Perry D. Jamieson (revised 30 Sep 2015). 9 Pages, 84 KB 

Northern Iraq by Perry D. Jamieson (revised 30 Sep 2015). 11 Pages, 544 KB

Southern Iraq by Perry D. Jamieson (revised 30 Sep 2015). 13 Pages, 164 KB

An Expeditionary Aerospace Force by Perry D. Jamieson (revised 30 Sep 2015). 13 Pages, 95 KB 

Three New Weapons by Perry D. Jamieson (revised 30 Sep 2015). 16 Pages, 140 KB 

Command and Control by Perry D. Jamieson (revised 30 Sep 2015). 16 Pages, 129 KB

The United States Air Force in Somalia, 1992-1995 by Dr. Daniel L. Haulman (revised) (6 November 2015). 24 Pages, 131 KB

'Heroic Things': Air Force Special Tactics Personnel at Mogadishu, October 3-4, 1993 by Dr. Forrest L. Marion (Air Power History/Fall 2013). 12 Pages, 470 KB

No Contest: Aerial Combat in 1990s by Dr. Daniel L Haulman (2015). 10 Pages, 81 KB

The United States Air Force and Bosnia, 1992-1995 by Dr. Daniel L Haulman (Air Power History/Fall 2013). 8 Pages, 482 KB

Manned Aircraft Losses Over the Former Yugoslavia, 1994-1999 by Dr. Daniel L Haulman (5 October 2009, edits by FLM 22 October 2015). 14 Pages, 145 KB

The U.S. Air Force in the Air War Over Serbia, 1999 by Dr. Daniel L Haulman (Air Power History/Summer 2015). 3 Pages, 287 KB

Team Sport, Combat Search and Rescue Over Serbia, 1999 by Darrel D. Whitcomb and Forrest L. Marion (Air Power History/Fall 2014). 10 Pages, 507 KB

The Air National Guard and the War on Drugs: Non-State Actors Before 9/11 by Mr. Anderson and Alan D. Meyer (Air Power History/Fall 2008). 18 Pages, 777 KB

Great Game to 9/11: A Concise History of Afghanistan's International Relations by Michael R. Rouland (2014). 113 Pages, 2.81 MB

'Ten Seconds to Impact': The B-52 Air Strike at Bagram, Afghanistan, November 12, 2001 by Dr. Forrest L. Marion (Air Power History/Spring 2014). 8 Pages, 426 KB 

Intertheater Airlift Challenges of Operation Enduring Freedom by Dr. Daniel L. Haulman (14 November 2002). 11 Pages, 59 KB 

USAF Manned Aircraft Combat Losses, 1990-2002 by Dr. Daniel L. Haulman (9 December 2002). 18 Pages, 78 KB

Weather in Air Campaigns, 1990-2003 by Dr. Daniel L. Haulman (24 June 2003). 20 Pages, 88 KB

USAF Psychological Operations, 1990-2003 by Dr. Daniel L. Haulman (23 May 2003). 21 Pages, 86 KB

US Relations With Iraq: From the Mandate to Operation Iraqi Freedom by Dr. Gary M. Boutz and Kenneth H. Williams (2015). 77 Page, 2.38 MB

Aberrations of Air War: Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom by Dr. Daniel L. Haulman (10 September 2015). 13 Pages, 120 KB

What Happened to Iraqi Air Force? by Dr. Daniel L. Haulman (19 October 2015). 10 Pages, 101 KB

The Battles of Al-Fallujah: Urban Warfare and the Growth of Air Power by Dr. William Head (Air Power History/Winter 2013). 19 Pages, 536 KB

The U.S. Air Foce Response to Hurricane Katrina by Dr. Daniel L. Haulman (Air Power History/Fall 2007). 8 Pages, 3.47 KB

Storm Surge: The Role of the Air National Guard in Hurricane Katrina Relief Operations by Mr. David P. Anderson (July 2011). 69 Pages, 21.41 MB 

From Satellite Tracking to Space Situational Awareness: Surveillance, 1957-2007 by Dr. Rick W. Sturdevant (Air Power History/Winter 2008). 20 Pages, 621 KB

The Destruction and Rebuilding of the Afghan Air Force, 1989-2009 by Dr. Forrest L. Marion (Air Power History/Summer 2010). 10 Pages, 660 KB

The Other Face of Air Power: Afghan Rescue 705 Flight, July 28-29, 2010 by Dr. Forrest L. Marion, with Gregory A. Roberts (Air Power History/Spring 2012). 14 Pages, 1.16 MB 

Locating Air Force Base Sites: History's Legacy by Dr. Frederick J. Shaw, Jr. (2004, updated edition 2014). 279 Pages, 1.79 MB

The First 109 Minutes: 9/11 and the U.S. Air Force by Pricilla D. Jones (2011, updated 2018). 101 pages, 1 MB

Training Afghan Air Force Pilots, 2006-2011 by Dr. Forrest L. Marion (Air Power History, Spring 2016). 10 pages, 695 KB