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  • USAF Expeditionary Operations School (AMC)

    Lineage.  Established as United States Air Force Expeditionary Operations School on 7 Nov 2003.  Activated on 1 Dec 2003.Assignments.  Air Mobility Warfare Center, 1 Dec 2003-Stations.  Fort Dix AI, NJ, 1 Dec 2003-.Service Streamers.  None.Campaign Streamers. None.Armed Forces Expeditionary

  • USAF Honor Guard

    Lineage.  Constituted as USAF Honor Guard on 26 Jul 1971.  Activated on 1 Jan 1972.Assignments.  1100 Air Base Wing, 1 Jan 1972; 1100 Air Base Group, 1 Oct 1977; 1100 Air Base Wing, 15 Dec 1980; Air Force District of Washington, 1 Oct 1985; 11 Operations Group, 15 Jul 1994-.Stations.  Bolling AFB

  • USAF School of Aerospace Medicine (AFMC)

    Lineage.  Organized as the Medical Research Laboratory on 19 Jan 1918.  Redesignated as: the Medical Research Laboratory and School for Flight Surgeons in May 1919; School of Aviation Medicine on 8 Nov 1922; Army Air Forces School of Aviation Medicine on 1 Oct 1943.  Disbanded on 15 Sep 1944. 

  • USAF Special Investigations Academy (AFOSI)

    Lineage.  Constituted as United States Air Force Special Investigations Academy, and activated, on 30 Jun 1990. Assignments.  Air Force Office of Special Investigations, 30 Jun 1990-.Stations.  Bolling AFB, DC, 30 Jun 1990; Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, GA, 1 Oct 2002-.  Service

  • USAF Special Operations School (AFSOC)

    Lineage. Constituted as USAF Special Air Warfare School, and activated, on 12 Apr 1967. Organized on 15 Apr 1967. Redesignated USAF Special Operations School on 8 Jul 1968.Assignments. Tactical Air Command, 12 Apr 1967; USAF Special Air Warfare Center (later, USAF Special Operations Force), 15 Apr

  • USAF Test Pilot (AFMC)

    Lineage.  Constituted as USAF Test Pilot School on 11 Apr 1973.  Activated on 15 May 1973.Assignments.  Air Force Flight Test Center, 15 May 1973; 6510 (later, 412) Test Wing, 1 Mar 1978-.Stations.  Edwards AFB, CA, 15 May 1973-. Service Streamers.  None.Campaign Streamers.  None.Armed Forces

  • USAF Warfare Center (ACC)

    Lineage. Established and activated as USAF Tactical Fighter Weapons Center on 26 Aug 1966. Organized on 1 Sep 1966. Redesignated as: USAF Fighter Weapons Center on 1 Oct 1991; USAF Weapons and Tactics Center on 5 Jun 1992; Air Warfare Center on 1 Oct 1995; USAF Warfare Center on 15 Nov

  • USAF Weapons School (ACC)

    Lineage. Constituted as USAF Fighter Weapons School, and activated, on 30 Dec 1965. Organized on 1 Jan 1966. Discontinued, and inactivated, on 1 Sep 1966. Activated on 30 Dec 1981. Redesignated USAF Weapons School on 15 Jun 1993. Assignments. Tactical Air Command, 30 Dec 1965; 4520 Combat Crew

  • Utah Test and Training Range (ACC)

    Lineage.  Constituted as 388 Range Squadron on 1 Sep 1997.  Activated on 1 Oct 1997.  Redesignated as Utah Test and Training Range, and elevated to establishment status, on 1 Aug 2012. Assignments.  388 Fighter Wing, 1 Oct 1997-.Stations.  Hill AFB, UT, 1 Oct 1997-.Service Streamers.  None.Campaign