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  • Military Airlift Command

    Established as Air Corps Ferrying Command on 29 May 1941.Redesignated: Army Air Forces Ferry Command on 9 March 1942; Army Air Forces Ferrying Command on 31 March 1942; Air Transport Command on 1 July 1942. Discontinued, and inactivated, on 1 June 1948. Consolidated on 13 May 1982 with Military

  • MINTZ, EDWARD J. Papers. 1943-1945

    .25 cu ft Call Nos. 830.04-1, 830.04-2. 830.13-1 IRIS No. 0267070-0267071, 0267138 Captain. USAFF. Duty assignments include: Assistant Historical Officer, Tenth Air Force, 1943-1945. Official papers relating to Mintz's duties as Assistant Historical Officer, Tenth Air Force. Includes a handwritten

  • MITCHELL, WILLIS W. Papers. 1943-1945

    .02 cu ft Call No. Gp-61-Su-Re-D (1943-1945) IRIS No. 1019200 Major. USAAF, 61st Troop Carrier Group, 1943-1945. Personal papers relating to Mitchell's WWII service. Includes a diary kept by Mitchell from his departure from New York in 1943 until his leaving the 61st Troop Carrier Group at

  • MIZE, Lee (Major) USA

    Call No.: K239.512-043 IRIS No.: 00903783 IRIS Tape No.: 00903784 Accessibility: OPEN Pages/Time: 30pp/0:36 Class: U Date/Location: April 1968/Maxwell AFB AL Interviewer: Col. Joe M. O'Grady Sources: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection Topics: (1963-66) Oral History interview with Major Lee Mize,

  • MOENCH, JOHN OTTO Papers. 1959-1973

    .24 cu ftCall No. 168.7069IRIS Nos. 1019943-1019947(1921-2013). Major General. USAF, 1942-1974. Born 4 August 1921, Chicago, IL. BA, 1956; MA, 1959, U of Maryland. Air Command and Staff College, 1954; Air War College, 1959. Served to grade of Private, Air Corps Enlisted Reserve Corps. 1942; Aviation

  • MOMYER, WILLIAM WALLACE Papers. 1914-1973

    6.6 cu ftCall No. 168.7041IRIS Nos. 1008748, 1001119-1001179, 1021449-1021461, 1025200-1025205, 1028215-1028291(1916-2012). General. USAF, 1938-1973. Born 23 September 1916, Muskogee, OK. BA, U of Washington, 1937. Air War College, 1950; National War College, 1954. Flying Cadet, 1938-1939;

  • MOORE, AUBRY LEE Papers. 1939-1942

    3.75 cu ft Call No. 168.603 IRIS Nos. 0124052-0124128 (1901-1980). Brigadier General. USAF, 1927-1953. Born 4 August 1901, Frost, TX. BS, A&M College of Texas, 1923. Air Corps Technical School, 1934; Air Corps Tactical School, 1939. Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Field Artillery Reserve, June 1923

  • MOORE, HOWARD G.R. Papers. 1944

    .02 cu ft Call No. 706.614-56 IRIS No. 0252854 Sergeant. USAAF, Fifth Interceptor Command, 1941-1944. Personal papers relating to Moore's WWII service. Includes a narrative of Moore's experience while on Bataan and of his subsequent escape, capture and second escape and evasion from the Japanese.

  • MOORE, JOHN ISHAM Papers. 1917-1976

    2 reels negative microfilm Call No. 168.7245, 23427-23428 IRIS Nos. 0896537-0896567 (1892-1961). Colonel. USAF, 1917-1952. Born 5 August 1892, Anthony, KS. Air Corps Tactical School, 1930; Command and General Staff School, 1932; Army Industrial College, 1937. Served to grade of Sergeant, Aviation

  • MOORE, JOHN L. Papers. 1936-1948

    .3 cu ft Call No. 168.7117 IRIS Nos. 1029832-1029843 (1887-1978). Physician. Born 1887, MO. Instrumental in the establishment of Victorville Army Air Field, CA. Died 25 October 1978, Victorville, CA. Personal papers relating to Moore's role in the establishment of Victorville Army Air Field.