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  • BROWER, Gerald Evans Papers (1940-1941)

    .03 cu ft Call No. 168.6003 IRIS No. 1017196 (1893-1941). Colonel. USAAF, 1918-1941. Born 25 August 1893, Brooklyn, NY. CE, Cornell U, 1916. MS, MIT, 1927. Air Service Field Officers' School, 1922; Air Service Engineering School, 1923; Command and General Staff School, 1936; Army War College, 1939.

  • BROWN, Ben S. Papers (1941-1942)

    .05 cu ft Call No. 731.306-1 IRIS No. 0258627 Major. USAAF. Duty positions include: Combat Pilot and Commanding Officer, 34th Pursuit Group. Official papers relating to the operations of the 34th Pursuit Group from 20 November 1941-23 April 1942. Includes a personal account of the early days of

  • BROWN, Bruce (Major)

    Call No.: K239.0512-374IRIS No.: 00904364IRIS Tape No.: n/aAccessibility: OPENPages/Time: 4 pp/no tapeClass: UDate/Location: 22 June 1970/UnknownInterviewers: Captain Kenneth J. AlnwickSource: Project CORONA HARVEST CollectionTopics:(1967-1969) Oral history interview with Major Bruce Brown, Misty

  • BROWN, Frank O. Papers (1943)

    .05 cu ft Call No. 740.306-4 IRIS No. 0259331 Major. USAAF, Seventh Air Force, 1943. Official papers relating to Brown's World War II service, specifically to activities in the South Pacific, especially Guadalcanal. Includes descriptions of men, equipment, terrain and tactics, written by Brown from

  • BROWN, George S. (General)

    Call No.: K239.0512-372IRIS No.: 00904362IRIS Tape No.: n/aAccessibility: OPENPages/Time: 13pp/no tapeClass: UDate/Location: 30 March 1970/South VietnamInterviewers: Lt. Colonel Richard KottSource: Project CORONA HARVEST CollectionTopics:(1968-70) Oral history interview with General George Brown,

  • BROWN, George S. (General)

    Call No.: K239.0512-365IRIS No.: 00904349IRIS Tape No.: 00904350-00904352Accessibility: OPENPages/Time: 127pp/3:15Class: UDate/Location: 19-20 October 1970/UnknownInterviewers: Major Richard B. Clement and Captain R.G. SwenstonSource: Project CORONA HARVEST CollectionTopics:(1968-70) Oral history

  • BROWN, George Scratchley Papers (1941-1978)

    1.3 cu ft, 3 reels negative microfilm Call Nos. 168.7121, 33974-33976 IRIS Nos. 890858-890871, 890935, 1031894-1031947 (1918-1978). General. USAF, 1941-1978. Born 17 August 1918, Montclair, NJ. BS, United States Military Academy, 1941. National War College, 1957. Career assignments include: various

  • BROWN, Louis C., Jr. (Captain)

    Call No.: K239.0512-338IRIS No.: 00904308IRIS Tape No.: 00904309Accessibility: OPENPages/Time: 21 pp/1:00Class: UDate/Location: March 1970/Yokota AB, JapanInterviewers: Not applicableSource: Project CORONA HARVEST CollectionTopics:(1967-1968) Oral history interview with Captain Louis Brown,

  • BROWN, Mark Herbert Papers (1942-1947)

    One reel negative microfilm Call Nos. 168.7120, 33836 IRIS No. 1031075 (1900-1988) Lieutenant Colonel. USA, 1918; USAF,1942-1953; USAFR, 1953-1962. Born 6 July 1900, Wellman, IA. BS, 1924; MS, 1930; PhD, 1932, Iowa State U. Air Force Intelligence School, 1942; British Photo Intelligence School,

  • BUHL Paul C. (Captain)

    Call No.: K239.0512-304IRIS No.: 00904238IRIS Tape No.: 00904239Accessibility: OPENPages/Time: 20 pp/0:45Class: UDate/Location: Unknown/Lowry AFB COInterviewers: Lt. Colonel Ian R. LittleSource: Project CORONA HARVEST CollectionTopics:(1967-1969) Oral history interview with Captain Paul Buhl,