914 Operations Group (AFRC)

Lineage. Established as 914 Operations Group, and activated in the Reserve, on 1 Aug 1992.
Assignments. 914 Airlift Group (later, 914 Airlift Wing), 1 Aug 1992-. 

Components. Squadron. 328 Airlift: 1 Aug 1992-.
Stations. Niagara Falls IAP-ARS, NY, 1 Aug 1992-. 

Commanders. Lt Col F. Baxter Lane, 1 Aug 1992; Col Michael Smith, 6 Jul 1995; Col Bruce E. Davis, 13 Jul 1997-. 

Aircraft. C-130, 1992-. 

Operations. Controlled the worldwide airlift operations of the 914th Airlift Wing, 1992-. Periodically deployed aircraft and personnel in support of contingency operations in Southwest Asia and the Balkans. 

Service Streamers. None. 

Campaign Streamers. None. 

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers. None. 

Decorations. None. 

Lineage, Assignments, Components, Stations, and Honors through 22 Mar 2002. 

Commanders, Aircraft, and Operations through Sep 1999. 

Emblem. Approved on 28 Mar 2022.

Prepared by Judy G. Endicott