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927 Air Refueling Wing (AFRC)

In accordance with Chapter 3 of AFI 84-105, commercial reproduction of this emblem is NOT permitted without the permission of the proponent organizational/unit commander.

In accordance with Chapter 3 of AFI 84-105, commercial reproduction of this emblem is NOT permitted without the permission of the proponent organizational/unit commander.

Lineage.   Established as 927 Troop Carrier Group, Medium, and activated, on 15 Jan 1963.  Organized in the Reserve on 11 Feb 1963.  Redesignated as: 927 Tactical Airlift Group on 1 Jul 1967; 927 Tactical Air Support Group on 25 Jun 1969; 927 Tactical Airlift Group on 29 Jun 1971; 927 Airlift Group on 1 Feb 1992; 927 Air Refueling Group on 1 Jun 1992; 927 Air Refueling Wing on 1 Oct 1994.  

Assignments.  Continental Air Command, 15 Jan 1963; 403 Troop Carrier Wing, 11 Feb 1963; Central Air Force Reserve Region, 31 Dec 1969; 403 Composite (later, 403 Tactical Airlift) Wing, 1 Jun 1970; 459 Tactical Airlift Wing, 15 Mar 1976; 440 Tactical Airlift (later, 440 Airlift) Wing, 1 Jul 1981; 434 (later, 434 Air Refueling) Wing, 1 Aug 1992; Twenty-Second Air Force, 1 Oct 1994; Fourth Air Force, 1 Apr 1997-.  

Operational Components.  Groups.  927 Operations: 1 Aug 1992-.  Squadrons.  63 Troop Carrier (later, 63 Tactical Airlift; 63 Tactical Air Support; 63 Tactical Airlift; 63 Airlift):  11 Feb 1963-1 Aug 1992. 

Stations.  Selfridge AFB (later, ANGB), MI, 11 Feb 1963; MacDill AFB, FL, 1 May 2008-.

Commanders.  Col George L. Kittle, 11 Feb 1963; Col Roy M. Marshall, 1 Apr 1968; Lt Col Charles E. Williams, 30 Jul 1972; Col John H. Lynn, 9 Mar 1973; Lt Col Robert C. Metzger, 21 Jun 1974; Col Robert E. Dotson, 9 May 1976; Col John G. Sullivan, 2 Oct 1977; Col John J. Desjardine, 17 Jun 1979; Col Peter T. Pomonis, 9 Sep 1979; Col Dale R. Baumler, 1 Aug 1980; Lt Col William R. Scott (acting), 27 Feb 1982; Col Warren D. Snyder, 4 Jul 1982; Lt Col Clayton T. Gadd, 27 Mar 1988; Lt Col Frank W. Waid, 24 Sep 1989; Col Thomas R. Brown, 21 Mar 1993; Col Robert E. Bailey Jr., 6 Jun 1998; Col Kenneth D. Suggs, 12 Sep 1999; Col Gary Beebe, 20 Nov 2005; Col Kenneth D. Lewis Jr., 17 Apr 2008; Col David P. Pavey, 17 Mar 2010-.  

Aircraft.   C-119, 1963-1969; U-3, 1969-1971; C-130, 1971-1992; KC-135, 1992-.    

Operations.  Organized, equipped, and trained for tactical airlift from 1963-1969, participating in exercises with the 82 and 101 Airborne Divisions to prepare them for missions to the Dominican Republic in 1965 and to Vietnam.  The group ferried personnel and equipment to various locations around the country and sometimes to overseas theaters.  Between 1969 and 1971, it used small aircraft and jeeps to train ground and airborne forward air controllers and air liaison personnel to support ground forces in a theater of operations.  In 1971, the group returned to its tactical airlift mission, training for intratheater air movements of troops, equipment, and supplies.  Between 1971 and 1990, it participated in various training exercises, humanitarian airlift operations, and rotational deployments to Panama.  Group elements deployed to Southwest Asia during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1990 and 1991 to provide tactical airlift of troops and military materiel.  In 1992, the group began flying air refueling missions.  It continued taking part in training exercises, but also supported some overseas movements.  In 1995 the wing refueled transports pulling U.S. troops out of Somalia.  It also refueled fighters participating in NATO’s Operation Deny Flight in Bosnia.  Using its tankers as transports, the wing supported Operation Joint Endeavor by airlifting cargo from the United States to Germany.  In 1996 and 1997, it provided air refueling support for NATO units operating in and around Bosnia-Herzegovina in Operation Decisive Endeavor.  After terrorist attacks on the United States on 11 Sep 2001, provided air refueling to USAF fighter aircraft patrolling the northern US in support of Operation Noble Eagle.   Supported Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, 2005-.  On 1 May 2008, wing moved to MacDill AFB, FL to support operations of 6 Air Mobility Wing, in accordance with 2005 Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC) decision. After a devastating earthquake hit Haiti on 12 Jan 2010; wing supported Operation United Response in Haiti, Jan-Jun 2010.  

Service Streamers.  None.

Campaign Streamers.  Southwest Asia: Defense of Saudi Arabia; Liberation and Defense of Kuwait.  

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers.  None.

Decorations.  Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards: 1 Nov 1978-31 Oct 1980; 1 Sep 2003-31 Aug 2005; 1 Sep 2006-31 Aug 2008.  Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm: 14 Feb 1968-6 Nov 1972.     

Lineage, Assignments, Components, Stations, and Honors through 17 May 2013.

Commanders, Aircraft, and Operations through Dec 2010.  

Supersedes statement prepared on 21 May 1999.  

Emblem.  Approved on 5 Jun 1995.

Prepared by Patsy Robertson.

Reviewed by Daniel Haulman.