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Air Proving Ground Command

Air Armament CenterThe AAF Proving Ground Command, responsible for testing aircraft weapon systems and munitions, was established in 1942 at Orlando, Florida, and moved in 1946 to Eglin Field, Florida. It replaced another AAF Proving Ground Command that was discontinued and disbanded.

Established as Army Air Forces School of Applied Tactics on October 27, 1942, with major command status. Redesignated: AAF Tactical Center on October 16, 1943; AAF Center on June 1, 1945; AAF Proving Ground Command on March 8, 1946; Air Proving Ground Command on July 10, 1946. Effective January 20, 1948, redesignated Air Proving Ground and reassigned to Air Materiel Command, losing major command status. On June 1, 1948, reassigned to HQ USAF, regaining major command status. Redesignated Air Proving Ground Command on December 20, 1951. On December 1, 1957, redesignated Air Proving Ground Center and reassigned to Air Research and Development Command, (later, Air Force Systems Command) once again losing major command status. Redesignated: Armament Development and Test Center on August 1, 1968; Armament Division on October 1, 1979; Munitions Systems Division on March 15, 1989; Air Force Development Test Center on July 11, 1990. Reassigned to Air Force Materiel Command on July 1, 1992. Redesignated Air Armament Center on October 1, 1998.