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Continental Air Command

Continental  Air CommandWhen organized in December 1948, Continental Air Command (CONAC) assumed jurisdiction over Tactical Air Command and Air Defense Command. Continental Air Command also had charge of all Air Force reserve units because most of these forces were to be used in either air defense or tactical operations. Two years later, on December 1, 1950, the Air Force reestablished Tactical Air Command as a major command and removed it from assignment to CONAC. Air Defense Command, inactivated on July 1, 1950, was reestablished as a major command on January 1, 1951, when CONAC ceased to handle the nation's air defense mission. After January 1951, CONAC remained responsible primarily for administering the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve, known collectively as the Air Reserve Forces. When inactivated CONAC was replaced by Air Force Reserve, now a major command of the United States Air Force.

Established as Continental Air Command, and organized, on December 1, 1948. Inactivated on August 1, 1968. Disestablished on September 21, 1984.