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Northeast Air Command

Newfoundland Base Command, a World War II organization that supported the North Atlantic route to Europe, was a part of the Eastern Defense Command (U.S. Army) until January 1, 1946, when it became a component of Atlantic Division, Air Transport Command. On April 1, 1948, Newfoundland Base Command became a directly assigned component of Air Transport Command. On June 1, 1948, when Air Transport Command inactivated, it became a directly assigned component of Military Air Transport Service, then in October 1950 it became a major command. When the Northeast Air Command discontinued in 1957, its subordinate components were reassigned, most going to Air Defense Command and Strategic Air Command.

Established as Newfoundland Base Command on January 15, 1941. Redesignated Northeast Air Command on October 1, 1950, at which time it was elevated to major command status. Discontinued on April 1, 1957.