BERRY, Homer Mulhall Papers (1929-1945)

.34 cu ft

Call No. 168.6001

IRIS Nos. 00123482-00123488

Lieutenant Colonel. USAFR, 1916-1947. Born in Okmulgee, OK. Barnstorming pilot in Midwest, 1912-1913. Served to grade of Sergeant, Aviation Section, Signal Corps including duty as an enlisted pilot, 1916-1917; (Civilian Flying License No. 347, 1919) relieved from active duty as Second Lieutenant, March 1920. Air mail pilot, private pilot, and test pilot, 1920-1940. Served to grade of Acting Wing Commander, Royal Canadian Air Force, 1940-1942; entered active duty in USAAF as Lieutenant Colonel, May 1942. Career assignments include: special staff duties, HQ USAAF and Eglin Proving Ground, as well as various commands in Africa and China-Burma-India Theaters, 1942-1945. Relieved from active duty September 1945. Died in San Francisco, CA.

Personal papers relating to Berry's military and early flying careers. Includes copies of his military flight records and log books (1939-1945), and a scrapbook pertaining to aviation firsts, pioneer aviators, and Igor Sikorsky (1929-1945). Also contains a copy of the first edition of The Roll Call magazine (1943) which lists air mail pioneers.