BROWN, Mark Herbert Papers (1942-1947)

One reel negative microfilm

Call Nos. 168.7120, 33836

IRIS No. 1031075

Lieutenant Colonel. USA, 1918; USAF,1942-1953; USAFR, 1953-1962. Born in Wellman, IA. BS, 1924; MS, 1930; PhD, 1932, Iowa State U. Air Force Intelligence School, 1942; British Photo Intelligence School, 1943; RAF Senior Intelligence School, 1943. Commissioned First Lieutenant, USAAF, July 1942. Career assignmentsinclude: Soil Scientist, Soil Conservation Service, US Department of Agriculture, 1934-1954; Chief Photo Interpreter, 3rd Air Division, 1942-1945; Intelligence Officer, Physical Damage Division, US Strategic Bombing Survey (USSBS), 1945-1946; Faculty member, Command and Staff School, 1947-1949; Chief Photo Interpreter, Directorate of Intelligence, HQ Strategic Air Command (SAC), 1951; Chief Physical Vulnerability Section Target Analysis, HQ SAC, 1951-1953. Resigned from active duty, 31 August 1953; joined USAFR (enlisted). Assigned to M-Day assignment, Directorate of Intelligence, HQ SAC, 1953-1958. Retired May 1962.

Farmer and Author, Alta, IA, 1954- . Coauthor with W.R. Felton of The Frontier Years (1955) and Before Barbed Wire (1956); author of The Plainsmen of the Yellowstone (1969) and Flight of the Nez Perce (1982).

Personal papers relating to Brown's USAAF service during World War II. Includes a diary (16 December 1943-6 January 1947) covering his impressions upon entering the service and traveling overseas; an accounting of the missions he flew as a photo interpreter, and his work with the USSBS in post-war inspection and evaluation, both in Europe and Japan.

Available on microfilm only.

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