DONALDSON, Luther Lee Papers (1950-1978)

One reel negative microfilm.

Call No. 168.7118, 33714

IRIS No. 1029933-1029935

Lieutenant Colonel. Civil Air Patrol, 1950-1973.

Born in Quinton, AL. Served to the grade of Corporal, US Army, 1916-1921; Corporal, US Marine Corps, 1942; Private, US Army, 1942-1943; Member, Alabama Air National Guard, 1944-1950. Appointed Warrant Officer, Civil Air Patrol, Alabama Wing, October 1950. Career assignments include: Squadron Officer, Birmingham Squadron, Alabama Wing, 1951-1953; Supply Officer, Birmingham Squadron, Alabama Wing, 1953-1954; Staff Officer, HQ Squadron, Alabama Wing, 1954-1956; Assistant Director of transportation, Alabama Wing, 1958-1973. Died in Birmingham, AL.

Personal and official papers relating to Donaldson's Civil Air Patrol career. Includes copy of National Geographic article entitled "Minuteman of the Civil Air Patrol" (May 1956). Also includes photographs of members of the Alabama Wing (1951-1957). Contains Donaldson's personnel record folder including correspondence, personnel records and orders (1950-1978).

Material available on microfilm only.