EDMONDS, Walter Dumaux Papers (1941-1950)

2.2 cu ft

Call No. 168.7022

IRIS No. 126360-126410

(1903- )Author. Born 15 July 1903, Boonville, NY. AB, Harvard U, 1926. Author and contributor to the Saturday Evening Post. His books include: Rome Haul (1929), Erie Water (1933), Drums Along the Mohawk (1936) and They Fought With What They Had: The Story of the Army Air Force in the Southwest Pacific, 1941-1942 (1951).

Personal papers relating to source materials for Edmond's book on World War II in the Pacific area, They Fought With What They Had (1951). Includes interviews of individuals in various United States units, diaries from 7th and 19th Bomb Groups, interviews with individuals who escaped from Japanese POW camps, and numerous other materials on the Philippines and New Guinea.