FOULOIS, Benjamin Delahauf Papers (1917-1945)

.52 cu ft

Call No. 168.68

IRIS No. 125295-125317

Major General. Air Corps, 1920-1935.

Born in Washington, CT. Command and General Staff School, 1925. Served to grade of First Sergeant, 1898-1901; commissioned Second Lieutenant, Infantry, February 1901 and served to grade of Major, 1901-1920; began several details with Signal Corps, 1908; transferred to Air Service, August 1920. Career assignments include: various duties as company grade officer, 1908-1919; Officer-in-Charge, first United States Army airplane, 1910; (Aero Club of America Land Plane Pilot Certificate No. 140, June 1912 and Expert Aviator Certificate no. 7, October 1912); Staff Officer, Signal Corps Aviation School, 1915; Commanding Officer, 1st Aero Squadron, 1915-1916; Chief of Air Service, American Expeditionary Forces and Zone of Advance, 1917-1919; Director of Air Service, 1919-1920; Assistant to Chief of Air Corps, 1927-1929; Chief. Materiel Division, 1929-1931; Chief of Air Corps, 1931-1935. Retired December 1935. Died at Andrews AFB, MD. Author of From the Wright Brothers to the Astronauts (1968).

Personal papers relating primarily to the years 1898-1920. Contains materials on early organization of the Department of Aeronautics (1917-1919) and creation of Air Service (1919-1920). Includes some materials relating to efforts to create the Air Service as a separate branch, primarily 1919-1920, and to a study on the Air Service American Expeditionary Forces by Foulois for General J.J. Pershing in 1924. Includes some personnel records (1890-1919). Contains correspondence related to and a copy of Paul D. Tillet's book, The Army Flies the Mails (1955) and a copy of publicity movie on Foulois by United Aircraft.

Related materials located elsewhere in the Document Collection, Air Force Historical Research Agency, include oral history interviews with some transcripts (1954, 1965, 1969) and other documents.

Related materials located at the USAF Academy Library (MS-17) and the Library of Congress (USAF History, A Guide to Documentary Sources, 1973, No. 358).