GORDON, Virgil C. Papers (1970-1976)

.6 cu ft

Call No. 168.7170

IRIS No. 1040028-1040043

Colonel. USAAF, 1941-1946.

Born in El Paso, TX. Commissioned Officer Reserve Corps, September 1918. Entered active duty, USAAF, July 1941. Active duty career assignments include: Commander, A-4, Ground Support Command, HQ XII Air Service Command, 1942-1944; Deputy of Services, Assistant Chief of Staff, Training, HQ USAAF, 1944-1946. Relieved from active duty, September 1946.

Official papers relating to Gordon's active duty Army Air Forces period of service. Includes correspondence, plans, reports, orders, operating instructions and regulations relating to the XII Air Service Command's entry and subsequent operations in Morocco and Sicily (1937-1943). Also includes supply and maintenance regulations and applicable tables of basic allowances and equipment (1942). Contains organizational charts of Allied Force Headquarters and the XII Air Service Command (1942-1943). Also contains maps of Africa and lists of aerodromes in Southern Italy (1942-1943). Also includes memorandum entitled "Proposed Organization of ac Active Air Force" written by Colonel Tower in the North African Service Command (1943).