HAMILTON, Pierpont Morgan Papers (1942)

.1 cu ft

Call No. 650.309-1

IRIS No. 00245935

Major General. USAF, 1917-1918, 1942-1945, 1947-1955.

Born in Tuxedo, NY. AB, AM, Harvard U, 1917. Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Aviation Section, Signal Corps, May 1918. Served to the grade of Captain; released from active duty, December 1918. Recalled to active duty as Major, March 1942. Duty assignments include: Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence of Task Force Assault on Morocco, September 1942; Intelligence Officer, HQ Allied Forces, Constantine, Algiers, 1942-1943; Staff member, HQ AAF, March 1943; Air Force Member for Joint Postwar Committee under JCS, November - December 1945. Relieved from active duty, December 1945; recalled, 1947. Staff member, Plans and Policy, War Department, General Staff, later HQ USAF, 1947-1950; Special Assistant for Foreign Military Affairs to the Commanding General, US Air Forces, Europe, May-November 1951; Senior USAF Representative with the Military Facilities Negotiating group, Paris, November 1951-March 1952. Relieved from active duty, March 1952 but recalled for special active duty tours. Died in Brentwood, CA.

Personal papers relating to Hamilton's World War II service. Includes a narrative describing the mission of then Major Hamilton and Colonel Demas Craw to the French in Morocco to persuade them not to oppose the Allied landing. Both Hamilton and Craw received the Medial of Honor for the mission (Craw, posthumously).