45.1 cu ft

Call No. 168.6005

IRIS Nos. 00123498-00123941

Lieutenant General. USAF, 1920-1953. Born in Miami, IN. Balloon School, 1921; Air Service Airship School, 1921; Navy Rigid Airship Ground and Flying Courses, 1924 and 1925; Air Corps Tactical School, 1936; Command and General Staff School, 1937. Served to the grade of Corporal, US Marine Corps, 1909-1913; served as Second Lieutenant, Infantry, National Guard (IN), 1916-1917 and served to grade of Captain, Infantry, 1917-1920; began duty in Air Service, October 1920. Career assignments include: various duties as company and field grade officer, 1920-1942; Commanding General, VIII Fighter Command, 1943-1944; various commands, 1945; Deputy Task Force Commander for Aviation, Joint Task Force One (Operation CROSSROADS), Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1946; Commanding General, Technical Division, Training Command, 1946-1947; Chief, Special Weapons Atomic Energy, Deputy Chief of Staff, Materiel, HQ USAF, 1947-1948; Commander, Air Proving Ground Command, 1948-1950; Commander-in-Chief, Alaskan Command, 1950-1953. Retired February 1953. Died in Orlando, FL.

Personal and official papers pertaining Kepner's Air Force career. Includes personal correspondence (1940-1952) and official correspondence (1927-1950). Contains materials collected by Kepner relating to his early career as balloon and airship pilot (1918-1928). Also includes copies of reports, studies and other official materials relating to the Eighth Air Force, Ninth Air Force, and 2nd Air Division operations and activities in Europe (1943-1945). Contains some materials on Operation CROSSROARDS and Kepner's command of the Air Proving Ground. Includes copies of various official publications and materials on atomic energy and Alaska. Also includes thirteen reels of movie film on Eighth Air Force units and Operations CROSSROADS and SANDSTONE (1943-1948). Contains photographs pertaining to Kepner's career and some of his personnel records.

Access to a few documents limited by USAF administrative markings.

Related materials located elsewhere in the Document Collection, Air Force Historical Research Agency, include an oral history interview (1970).

Related materials located in the US Army Military History Institute include a transcript of an oral history with Kepner.