KNERR, HUGH JOHNSON Papers. 1887-1972

4 reels negative microfilm

Call No. 168.7028, A1878-A1881

IRIS Nos. 0126471-0126568, 1032822-1032825

Major General. USAF, 1918-1949. Born in Fairfield, IA.BS, United States Naval Academy, 1908. Signal Corps Aviation School, 1918; Air Service Tactical School, 1926; Command and General Staff School, 1927; Army War College, 1931. Served in United States Navy as Ensign, 1908-1911; became Second Lieutenant, Coast Artillery Corps, 1911 and served to grade of Captain, 1911-1918; began duty with Aviation Section, Signal Corps, January 1918. Career assignments include: various duties as company and field grade officer, 1918-1935; Chief of Staff, General Headquarters Air Force, 1935-1938; retired as Colonel, March 1939. Recalled to active duty as Colonel, October 1942; Deputy Commander, Air Service Command, 1942-1943; Commanding General, VIII Air Technical Services Command, 1943-1945; Commanding General, Air Technical Services Command, 1945-1946; Secretary General, The Air Board, HQ USAF, 1946-1948; The Inspector General, HQ USAF, 1948-1949. Relieved from active duty as Major General, October 1949. Died at National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD.

Personal papers relating to Knerr's military career. Includes personal correspondence (1914-1971). Contains materials on early duty in US Navy and Coast Artillery (1904-1917), military career (1917-1943), his WWII assignments, including materials on the organization of the US Strategic Air Forces (1943-1945) and post-war duties (1945-1949). Also includes several volumes of scrapbooks (1900-1949) which chronicle his personal life and military career and numerous photographs of various notable military leaders (1942-1954) directly involved in Knerr's military career. Also includes a manuscript of his unpublished autobiography, "The Vital Era," and a few articles by Knerr (1971-1972). Contains some copies of his personnel records.

Available on microfilm only. Originals at USAF Academy Library.

Related materials located elsewhere in the Document Collection, Air Force Historical Research Agency, include oral history interviews with one transcript (1947, 1971).

Related materials located at the Library of Congress and in the National Archives and Records Administration include other personal papers.