LAHM, FRANK PURDY Papers. 1894-1967

2.4 cu ft

Call No. 167.401, 167.601

IRIS Nos. 1010113-1010126, 1033814

(1877-1963). Brigadier General. USAAF, 1920-1941. Born 17 November 1877, Mansfield, OH. BS, United States Military Academy, 1901. Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Cavalry, February 1901 and served to grade of Major, 1901-1920 (Aero Club of America balloon Pilot Certificate No. 4, 1903); began several details with Signal Corps, 1907; (Aero Club of America Airship Pilot Certificate No. 2, August 1908); transferred to Air Service, August 1920. Career assignments include: pilot duty, Aeronautics Division, Signal Corps. 1907-1909 (Aero Club of America Land Plane Pilot Certificate No. 2, October 1909); Commandant, Signal Corps Aviation School, 1912; Aviation Instructor, 7th Cavalry, The Philippines, 1912-1913 (Aero Club of America Expert Aviator No. 15, 1913); various duties as company and field grade officer, 1913-1926; including aviation staff positions in American Expeditionary Forces during World War I: Assistant to Chief of Air Corps and Commandant, Air Corps Training Center, 1926-1930; Assistant Attaché for Air, France and Belgium, 1933-1935; Air Officer, Second Corps Area, 1935-1940. Retired November 1941. Died 7 July 1963, Sandusky, OH.

Personal and official papers pertaining Lahm's military service. Includes personal correspondence (1906-1953) relating generally to Lahm's career and his World War I diary (1917-1919). Also includes several items on World War I aviation (1917-1920) relating to aircraft production, bombardment, pursuit, balloons, and pilot survival equipment. Additional materials on the early Air Service period include reports of board on Air Service (1919), the Aeronautical Commission on the Peace Conference (1919), and a projection of training plans by the Director of Air Service (1919). Includes a monograph by Lahm on the Air Service (1918-1919), a copy of General Pershing's final report on the American Expeditionary Forces (1920), and a report on the transcontinental reliability test (1919). Also includes various bulletins on airplanes and parts, and various orders, charts, and instructions from the AEF (1917-1919). Contains various other materials on early aviation including a report on the 1908 aircraft accident of Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge, a report on balloon races (1909-1911), a list of Army air officers (1907-1917), a report on the Sixth Corps Observation Group (1917-1919), a list of pioneer Army pilots (1908-1917), a map of enemy airdromes (1918), and various other semi-official materials on World War I. Papers contain sixteen volumes of notes, drafts, and related items pertaining to the book, How Our Army Grew Wings. Also includes copy of Albert ler Aviateur, 1907-1934. Includes photographs (1919-1924) relating to early aviation and many photographs (1894-1954) relating to Lahm's career. Also includes some materials on the Fiftieth Anniversary of powered flight celebrations at Kill Devil Hill, NC (1953) as well as clippings on various aviation events.

Related materials located elsewhere in the Document Collection, Air Force Historical Research Agency, include oral history interviews, no transcripts available (1959, 1962).

Related materials located at the Library of Congress include other personal papers.