23.9 cu ft

Call No. 168.7014

IRIS Nos. 0126018-0126148

(1900-1990). General. USAF, 1924-1959. Born 7 July 1900, Winchendon, MA. BS, United States Military Academy, 1924. Air Corps Tactical School, 1937; Command and general Staff School, 1938. Served to grade of Private, Corps of Engineers, 1918-1919. Career assignments include: various duties as company and field grade officer, 1924-1943; Chief of Staff, XII Bomber Command, 1943; Chief of Staff, Fifteenth Air Force, 1943; Deputy Commander, Eighth Air Force, 1944; Commanding General, 3rd Bomb Division, 1944-1945; successively Deputy Commanding General and Commanding General, Eighth Air Force, 1945; Assistant Chief of Staff, Operations, HQ USAAF, 1946-1947; Director of Training and Requirements, HQ USAF, 1947-1948; Commander, Fifth Air Force, 1948-1951; Commander, Air Research and Development Command, 1951-1953; Commander, Far East Air Forces, 1954-1955; Commander-in-Chief, Continental Air Defense Command and Air Defense Command, 1955-1959. Retired July 1959.

Personal and official papers relating to Partridge's Air Force career. Includes personal and official correspondence (1924-1959) relating in general to his career. Also includes his daily diaries while Commander of the 3rd Bomb Division (1944-1945), Fifth Air Force (1950-1951), and Continental Air Defense Command and Air Defense Command (1955-1959). Additional materials include several photograph albums (1924-1959) pertaining to Partridge's military career, some of his military flying records and some copies of his personnel records.

Access to some materials restricted by USAF administrative markings.

Related materials located elsewhere in the Document Collection, Air Force Historical Research Agency, include oral history interviews with transcripts (1966, 1974, 1977).

Other holdings and related materials are located at USAF Academy Library.