6.9 cu ft

Call No. 168.7045

IRIS Nos. 0127130-0127305

Major General. USAF, 1925-1953. Born in Brazil, IN. BS, United States Military Academy, 1918. Air Corps Tactical School, 1935; Command and General Staff School, 1936. Commissioned as Second Lieutenant, Cavalry, November 1918 and served to grade of First Lieutenant, Cavalry and Signal Corps, 1918-1925; began duty with Air Service, March 1935.Career assignments include: various duties as company and field grade officer, 1925-1935; Instructor, Air Corps Tactical School, 1936-1940; Chief, Air Group, Military Intelligence Division, War Department General Staff, 1942-1943; Director, AAF Air Support, HQ USAAF, 1943; Commanding General, 1st Tactical Air Division, 1943-1944; various staff and command positions, European Theater, 1944-1945; Deputy Chief, Legislative and Liaison Division, War Department Special Staff, 1946-1948; Commander, Fourteenth Air Force, 1948-1950; successively Vice Commander and Commander, Twentieth Air Force, 1950-1952. Retired February 1953. Died in Brazil, IN.

Personal and official papers relating to Stearley's military service. Includes personal and official correspondence (1942-1953), and daily diaries (1944-1945) pertaining to his career in general. Also includes course materials on tactical doctrine from Air Corps Tactical School (1935-1940) and from Command and General Staff School (1936). Contains official reports and studies of WWII operations in Europe (1944-1945), primarily of the 1st Allied Airborne Army and Operation NEPTUNE. Also includes various materials on US forces in the Pacific (1946-1953), especially protocol materials from visits of Congressional delegations. Includes copies of his personnel records, some photographs and various memorabilia.