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Call No. 167.602

IRIS Nos. 0121334-0121399

Arctic explorer in Canada and Alaska. Born in Arnes, Manitoba, Canada. AB, State U of Iowa, 1903; AM, Harvard U, 1923; PhD, U of Iceland, 1930. Technical adviser to Pan American Airways on northern operations, 1932-1945. Died in Hanover, NH. Author of seventeen books on the Arctic including Arctic Manual (1941), Greenland (1942), and Northwest to Fortune (1958).

Personal papers relating to Stefansson's work as an arctic explorer. Includes a fifteen-volume report on the prospects for aviation in the Arctic regions (1935-1941). Also includes a summary of climatic conditions and human and animal life in the Arctic as well as an area-by-area survey of the Arctic in Norway, Siberian Russia, Alaska, Canada and Greenland. Also contains proposal by Stefansson for a polar route between the United States and the Mediterranean.

Related materials located at the Baker Library, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH and the Center for Polar Archives and Scientific Research include other personal papers.