Air Force Audit Agency

 Lineage.  Established as Air Force Audit Agency, a Separate Operating Agency on 20 Dec 1971.  Activated on 31 Dec 1971.  Status changed from a Separate Operating Agency to a Field Operating Agency on 5 Feb 1991.

Assignments.  United States Air Force, 31 Dec 1971-.

Stations.  Norton AFB, CA, 31 Dec 1971; National Capital Area, Washington, DC, 1 Dec 1991-.

Service Streamers.  None.

Campaign Streamers.  None.

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers.  None.

Decorations. Air Force Outstanding Unit Award:  1 Apr 1982-31 May 1984.  Air Force Organizational Excellence Award: 1 Apr 1985-31 Mar 1987.

Lineage, Assignments, Stations, and Honors through Aug 2014.

Statement prepared on 25 Aug 2014.

Emblem. Approved on 22 Aug 1967 for the 1030 USAF Auditor General Group, a separate organization.  Emblem appears to have been adopted by the Air Force Audit Agency in 1972, the year the 1030 USAF Auditor General Group was permanently inactivated. Air Force Audit Agency should request a digital update of the emblem. 

Prepared by Carl E. Bailey.

Reviewed by Daniel L. Haulman.