WADE, Franklin Alton Papers 1946-1951

1.5 cu ft

Call Nos. 168.7113 - 168.7113-24

IRIS Nos. 1027974 - 1027998

(1903-1978). Exploration Geologist. Born on 5 February 1903 in Akron, Ohio. Received a BS degree in 1925, a MA degree in 1926 at Kenyon College, and a PhD from Johns Hopkins University in 1937. Career assignments included: Instructor of geology and chemistry at the University of Delaware from 1929-1931, Geologist at Byrd Antarctic Expedition II from 1933-1935, Assistant Professor of Geology at Miami University from 1936-1939, Senior scientist for US Antarctic Service from 1939-1941, from Assistant Professor to Professor of Geology at Texas Technical University from 1946-1973 (Head of department from 1954-64), Director of Studies at Camp Norton, Wyoming from 1947-1954, Chief of Operations Analysis Office for Far East Air Forces from 1950-1951, Party Leader of Antarctic Geological Exploration from 1962-1963 and 1964-1965, the Senior scientist at Byrd Coast Survey Party in Antarctica from 1966-1968, and the Research Associate and Director at Antarctica Research Center and Museum at Texas Technical University from 1973-1978. Wade died on 1 Oct 1978 in Lubbock, Texas.

These personal and official papers relate primarily to Wade's position as Chief of Operations Analysis Office for the Far East Air Forces (FEAF) from 1950-51. Includes some personal and official correspondence from 1947-1951. There is a brief diary entry (24-25 July 1950). Several official studies are included as well as agendas and reports of the Committee on Geographical Exploration Sub-panel on Snow, Ice, and Permafrost of the Research and Development Board from 2 April 1947 through 14 May 1948. Contains working papers and reports on the Operations Analysis in the USAF in 1947, as well as 1951-1952. Consist of a comprehensive collection of memoranda of the Operations Analysis Office of the FEAF from 17 May 1950 through 11 May 1951. Incorporates a range of published works including Weapons Data: Fire, Impact, Explosion (1945) and Tactics and Weapons of Aerial Night Attack Employed by the 3rd Bombardment Wing in the Korean Campaign (May 1951). Far East Command and Korean handbooks (1950), FEAF-Operation History for 25 June 1950 - 31 Oct 1950, and selected magazine articles on Korea and air poser are enclosed. 11 July 1950 aerial photographs of B-26 strikes over Korea, maps of Korea, as well as China and Japan (1946-1951), and some personnel records from 1951 can be found in these papers.