WARE, Thomas A. (Colonel USA)

Call No.: K239.0512-136 

IRIS No.: 00903950 

IRIS Tape No.: 00903951 

Accessibility: OPEN 

Pages/Time: 27pp/0:32 

Class: U 

Date/Location: 23 January 1969/Fort Benning GA 

Interviewers: Capt Richard B. Clement 

Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection 


(1967-1968) Oral history interview with Colonel Thomas Ware , US Army brigade task force commander. He praises forward air controller's cooperation in close air support as compared to Korea, discusses the high percentage of duds in high explosive ordnance, the difficulty of determining the best way to use airpower, accuracy of Arc Light strikes, enemy killed by air counts and the use of Combat Skyspot.