McLAMB, Estel W. (MAJOR)

Call No.: K239.0512-014 

IRIS No.: 00903737 

IRIS Tape No.: 00903738 

Accessibility: OPEN 

Pages/Time: 19pp/0:37 

Class: U 

Date/Location: 14 September 1967/Maxwell AFB AL 

Interviewers: Lt. Col. Robert Eckert 

Sources: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection 


(1966-1967) Oral history interview with Major Estel McLamb, flying safety officer for the 366th Tactical Fighter Wing. Topics include the disadvantage of non-qualification in F-4C, training of incoming pilots, aircraft accident investigations, air traffic control by Vietnamese, need for modern equipment to prevent accidents, survival school training, manual backup for supply computer and Jolly Green Giant helicopters in North Vietnam.