PARKER, E. L. (Lt. Colonel USMC)

Call No.: K239.0512-143 

IRIS No.: 00903963 

IRIS Tape No.: 00903964 C.1/ 00903965 C.2 

Accessibility: OPEN 

Pages/Time: 52pp/1:11 

Class: U 

Date/Location: 24 January 1969/Fort Benning GA 

Interviewers: Major Samuel E. Riddlebarger 

Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection 


(1966-1968) Oral history interview with Lt. Colonel E.L. Parker, Marine battalion commander along with Major G.D. Navadel, Marine company commander and Major T.T. Shirley, Marine company commander, battalion S-3. Discusses close air support provided by USAF: B-52 strikes, command and control, procedure for marking strike positions, effect on morale and simultaneous use of artillery. Topics also include setup for forward air control, type of munitions used, use made of AC-47 gunships, operations around demilitarized zone between North and South Vietnam and USAF airlift support for Marine units.