ALBERT, Wendell E., PAPERS. 1948 – 1952

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Call Nos. 168.7380 through 168.7380-2

IRIS Nos. 1143106 through 1143108

Wendell E. Albert was born in Quincy, Massachusetts. He joined the newly established Air Force on 2 January 1948. He had served two years, six months, and thirteen days in the Army during World War II. Due to his previous service, he was given the enlisted rank of corporal upon his enlistment in the Air Force. Mr. Albert served in the Air Force until 7 January 1952. His combined Army and Air Force service time was six years, six months, and nineteen days. His promotion to Staff Sergeant was granted on 19 March 1951.

This personal collection contains a 1988 and a 1991 narrative of the Air Force service of W. E. Albert from 1948 until 1952. It is written by Mr. Albert and entitled; A Three Year Enlistment Turns To Four and More, 1948 to 1952. These narratives contain some documentation, photographs, correspondence, newspaper articles, certificates, leaflets, and a chronology of the Korean War.