BAKKE, Samuel O. (Major)

Call No.: K239.0512-203
IRIS No.: 00904063 C.1/00904064 C.2
IRIS Tape No.: 00904065
Accessibility: OPEN
Pages/Time: 12pp/0:23
Class: U
Date/Location: 6 July 1967/Da Nang AB, South Vietnam
Interviewers: Unknown
Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection
(1967) Oral history interview with Major Bakke, assigned to the 40th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 366th Tactical Fighter Wing, Da Nang Air Base, Vietnam. Discusses rules of engagement including electronic countermeasures pod formation against surface-to-air missile; MiG tactics and air-to-air tactics; MiG combat air patrol role and his own MiG kill.