MACKELLER, Donald V. (Captain)

Call No.: K239.0512-204
IRIS No.: 00904066
IRIS Tape No.: 00904067
Accessibility: OPEN
Pages/Time: 41pp/1:39
Class: U
Date/Location: 29 August 1963/Tan Son Nhut AB, South Vietnam
Interviewers: Joseph W. Grainger
Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection
(1963) Oral history interview with Captain Mackeller, air liaison officer (ALO)/forward air controller section, Air Operations Center, Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Republic of Vietnam. Discussion on tactical air control system including close air support and interdiction; tactical air forces in World War II and Korea; Army request system for airstrikes; effectiveness of prestrikes; and approved low priority interdiction targets of Viet Cong sanctuaries. Topics also included are Barn Door operation to establish radio communication net for ALO and information on the training of indigenous forward air guides.