MOORE, William G. Jr. (General)

Call No.: K239.0512-266
IRIS No.: 00904175-00904177
IRIS Tape No.: 00904178-00904182
Accessibility: OPEN
Pages/Time: 145 pp/4:00
Class: U
Date/Location: 4 May 1970/Maxwell AFB AL
Interviewers: Colonel Louis P. Lindsay
Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection
(1962-1970) Comprehensive discussion of airlift development, concept, operations, and future; Military Airlift Command (MAC) versus Tactical Air Command (TAC) roles; aerial port operations; Orange Band; Goldfire; deficiency of early Southeast Asia (SEA) airlift due to poor communications, out-country command and control, and shortage of materials handling equipment; US Army airlift and airborne thinking; tactical role for strategic airlift force; single manager concept for airlift both theater and USAF-wide; MAC/TAC theater commander relationship; 322d Airlift Wing story; airlift aircraft requirements: C-130, C-5, helicopters and vertical/short takeoff and landing; theater tactical airlift and Army helicopters interface; dedicated airlift concept; responsiveness versus efficiency as measure of airlift management; airlift command and control within a tactical air control system; air evacuation; data control; computerization; delivery modes to ground forces; rigging responsibilities; in-country/out-country C-130 concept; training; personnel; tour concepts; Air Force career development.