ABCCC Controllers—Two USAF Lieutenant Colonels

Call No.: K239.0512-295

IRIS No.: 00904222

IRIS Tape No.: 00905040

Accessibility: OPEN

Pages/Time: 53 pp/1:30

Class: U

Date/Location: Unknown/Unknown

Interviewers: Major F. Felciano

Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection


(1968-1969) Oral history interview contains topics on integration of airborne battlefield command and control center (ABCCC) into tactical air control system; command and control of forward air controllers (FAC); sufficiency of communications for ABCCC Operations; College Eye/Rivet Top, rescue and recovery; lack of aircraft traffic control system and control of too many sorties. Also included is the effectiveness of night operations; value of armed FACs; Igloo White sensors effect on truck kills, operations in Laos; control opinion of single management for air concept; inter-service cooperation in fragmentary orders; too much reconnaissance; selection of interdiction targets; effect of bombing halt on enemy logistics and finally characteristics of A-1, C-47, A-26, F-100, F-4 and A-7.