WALTER, Alonzo J. , Jr. (Colonel)

Call No.: K239.0512-334

IRIS No.: 00904301

IRIS Tape No.: 00904302 & 00904303

Accessibility: OPEN

Pages/Time: 112 pp/2:50

Class: U

Date/Location: 28 July 1970//Unknown

Interviewers: Not applicable

Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection


(1969-1970) Oral history interview with Colonel Alonzo Walter, director, Direct Air Support Center (DASC) Victor, July 1969-March 1970. Director, Horn DASC, March-April 1970; I Corps DASC, April-July 1970. Discusses the capabilities and limitations of Tactical Air Control System (TACS), Marine role in single management of air, add on sorties, Navy air, interdiction with AC-119, US Army assessment of tactical air support, internal organization of TACS, effectiveness of tactical and visual reconnaissance, US Army helicopter gunships in close air support and enemy foreknowledge of Arc Light strikes. Also included are secure communications, Automatic Secure Voice Communications, ground fire on forward air controllers (FAC), Arc Light bomb damage assessment, Vietnamization of FAC air liaison officer (ALO) roles, ineffectiveness of TACS organization, responsiveness of TACS to needs of ground forces, FAC visual reconnaissance capability most valuable current tactical reconnaissance capability in Southeast Asia, need to collocate DASC Director/Corps ALO and the G-2 Air and G-3 Air.