LAMBERT, Robert E. (Lt. Colonel)

Call No.: K239.0512-345

IRIS No.: 00904319

IRIS Tape No.: 00904320

Accessibility: OPEN

Pages/Time: 24 pp/0:50

Class: U

Date/Location: 13 January 1970/Hickam AFB HI

Interviewers: Major Donald J. Moore

Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection


(1969) Oral history interview with Lt. Colonel Robert Lambert, Director of Intelligence, 56th Special Operations Wing. Discusses role of forward air controller (FAC) in out-country visual reconnaissance; personnel selection and training; constraints on out-country operations; effect of weather on FAC visual reconnaissance (VR) and FAC aircraft suited for semi-permissive or non-permissive environment. Topics also included are the need to review the concept of targeting, effectiveness of VR, Task Force Alpha and war in Laos.