FOX, George C. (Lt. Colonel USMC)

Call No.: K239.0512-370

IRIS No.: 00904359

IRIS Tape No.: 00904360

Accessibility: OPEN

Pages/Time: 32pp/0:55

Class: U

Date/Location: 3 August 1969/ South Vietnam

Interviewers: Unknown

Source: Project CORONA HARVEST Collection


(1968-69) Oral history interview with USMC Lt. Colonel George Fox, Commander 2d Battalion, 9th Marines. Discusses in-country and out-country interdiction, Dewey Canyon operations, B-52 craters used for storage by North Vietnamese, political repercussions of strike, search and destroy march and bombing errors due to coordination errors. Topics also include rice cache found, truck park destroyed, effectiveness of rotary-wing versus fixed-wing aircraft in close air support, Apache Snow Operation, and the effective use of tactical air, napalm, gunship and artillery.