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908 Airlift Wing (AFRC)

In accordance with Chapter 3 of AFI 84-105, commercial reproduction of this emblem is NOT permitted without the permission of the proponent organizational/unit commander.

In accordance with Chapter 3 of AFI 84-105, commercial reproduction of this emblem is NOT permitted without the permission of the proponent organizational/unit commander.

Lineage. Established as 908 Troop Carrier Group, Medium, and activated in the Air Force Reserve, on 15 Jan 1963. Organized on 11 Feb 1963. Redesignated as: 908 Tactical Airlift Group on 1 Jul 1967; 908 Tactical Air Support Group on 25 Apr 1969; 908 Tactical Airlift Group on 15 Dec 1971; 908 Airlift Group on 1 Feb 1992; 908 Airlift Wing on 1 Oct 1994.
Assignments. Continental Air Command, 15 Jan 1963; 302 Troop Carrier Wing, 11 Feb 1963; 435 Troop Carrier Wing, 18 Mar 1963; 446 Troop Carrier (later, 446 Tactical Airlift) Wing, 1 Dec 1965; 433 Tactical Airlift Wing, 1 Mar 1968; Third Air Force Reserve Region, 25 Apr 1969; Eastern Air Force Reserve Region, 31 Dec 1969; 434 Special Operations Wing, 1 Jul 1971; 302 Tactical Airlift Wing, 25 Oct 1971; 94 Tactical Airlift (later, 94 Airlift) Wing, 1 Jul 1972; 403 Airlift Wing (later, 403 Wing), 1 Aug 1992; Tenth Air Force, 1 Oct 1994; Twenty-Second Air Force, 1 Apr 1997-.

Operational Components. Group. 908 Operations: 1 Aug 1992-. Squadron. 357: 11 Feb 1963-1 Aug 1992.

Stations. Bates Field, AL, 11 Feb 1963; Brookley AFB, AL, 1 Oct 1964; Maxwell AFB, AL, 25 Apr 1969-.

Commanders. Lt Col William A. Willis, 11 Feb 1963; Lt Col David P. Whiteside, by Dec 1966; Col Marcus C. West, 7 Jul 1967; Lt Col John P. Cranford, 8 Jun 1968; Col Andrew Chaplin, by Dec 1968; Col Marcus C. West, 2 Feb 1970; Lt Col Sloan R. Gill, Oct 1971; Maj Lelias E. Thomas, 4 Jun 1973; Lt Col Jonathan Gardner, 14 Aug 1973; Lt Col Billie H. Parker, 17 Jan 1976; Col Jack P. Ferguson, 30 Aug 1976; Col Robert Q. Head, 4 Sep 1977; Col Robert S. Martin, 18 Jul 1980; Col Anthony Tassone Jr., 1 Oct 1989; Col Thomas W. Spencer, 13 Jan 1991; Col Christopher M. Joniec, 21 Aug 1994; Col William P. Kane, 24 Aug 1996; Col Thomas R. Brown, 1 Jun 1998; Col James N. Stewart, Feb 2002; Col Heath Nuckolls, 4 Apr 2004; Col Michael J. Underkofler, 8 Jan 2006; Col Brett J. Clark, 8 Jun 2008-.

Aircraft. C-119, 1963-1969; U-3, 1969-1971; O-2, 1970-1971; C-7, 1971-1983; C-130, 1983-.

Operations. The 908th organized at Bates Field, Al, in Feb 1963 and moved to Brookley AFB, AL, in Oct 1964. At both stations, the unit, utilizing C-119 aircraft, flew airlift missions. In Apr 1969 the 908th moved to Maxwell AFB, AL. After redesignation to a Tactical Air Support Group and transitioning from C-119 aircraft to U-3s and O-2s, the 908th was released of all tactical requirements. The unit recruited and trained personnel to provide ground-to-air communications in support of ground forces. When redesignated in 1971, the group, after transitioning to C-7 aircraft, resumed its tactical airlift role. The unit trained to maintain combat readiness and the ability to respond to national emergencies. The 908th supported Air National Guard, ROTC, Army, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard units. During the Vietnam War, the unit flew domestic airlift missions to free Military Airlift Command assets for action overseas. On 1 Jun 1973, the 908th attained combat ready status. In addition to training, the group also flew aerial search and rescue, medical patient, and humanitarian missions. In Feb 1982, the 908th started the conversion process to change from C-7 to C-130 aircraft. After converting to the C-130, the organization flew numerous, world-wide airlift and humanitarian missions, including missions in the Persian Gulf War and the Bosnian relief effort. The wing trained and deployed personnel in support of operations around the world including support for the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), world-wide humanitarian aid, aeromedical airlift and evacuation of refugees. After 2001, supported operations in Afghanistan and later in Iraq, periodically deploying elements to the combat theater.
Service Streamers. None.
Campaign Streamers. Southwest Asia: Defense of Saudi Arabia.

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers. None.

Decorations. Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards: 1 Jul 1972-15 Mar 1974; 1 Jan 1976-30 Nov 1977; 1 Feb 1980-31 Jan 1982; 1 Sep 1986-31 Aug 1988; 1 Sep 1991-31 Aug 1993; 1 Oct 2003-30 Sep 2005.
Lineage, Assignments, Components, Stations, and Honors through Apr 2010.

Commanders, Aircraft, and Operations through Dec 2008.

Supersedes statement prepared on 5 Mar 2001.

Emblem. Approved on 20 Apr 1976.
Prepared by Patsy Robertson.
Reviewed by Daniel Haulman.