Space Delta 18 (National Space Intelligence Center) (SpOC)

Lineage.  Established as Space Delta 18 (National Space Intelligence Center) on 9 Jun 2022.  Activated on 24 Jun 2022. 

Assignments.  Space Operations Command, 24 Jun 2022-. 

Components.  Squadrons: 1 Space Analysis: 24 Jun 2022-.  2 Space Analysis: 24 Jun 2022-. 

Stations.  Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, 24 Jun 2022-. 

Service Streamers.  None. 

Campaign Streamers.  None. 

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers.  None. 

Decorations.  None. 

Lineage, Assignments, Stations, and Honors through 7 June 2023

Emblem.  None.  Unit may draft and submit proposal IAW standards set forth in DAFI 84-105.  Contact local supporting historian or FLDCOM history office for assistance. 

Prepared by Mark Usry. 

Reviewed by Margaret Ream.